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  1. i have couple of domains for sale if anyone is intrested then make a offer i may choose .. not the whole site just the domain www.mazzakonepal.com ( this is like one of the best nepali domain ) www.getalancer.net( for freelancer indivisual or company ) www.bolly-radio.com
  2. 10 thousand for 3 months how many slots .. i mean how many people can connect at once ..
  3. actually they should make a online payment and customers can download it instant .. its a good concept alt east Nepali kids in us wont forget nepali and its easy for the parents too they work all times and aging teaching their son/daugher is a headache..
  4. hey guys ..was surfing was net and found this site again .. i been here many times but this time i reg my self .. i am just a student in ny usa .. just hanging around my pc doing designs .. Name : bikash kharel country ..Nepal ofcourse resided in ny usa now hobby : deisgn and stuff web site done till now : www.nepalaawaz.com www.mazzakonepal.com( my site .. still working on it to change it to make a social networking ) www.janasamparkusa.org and more going on in future i guess Can work with :: do html deisgns , graphics , logo deisgn , banners , devlop joomla, mambo site and can devlop site with diffrent scripts ,, scripts installation .. learning php designs, play around with photoshop , fireworks .. this is the most amazing .. i am just of age 14-15 . and i am in 8th grade .. i started off designs and website last year .. and this year i am devloping joomla sites and other cms .. i am learning php deisgns and others .. so i am hoping to do more nepali communities sites in ny and other states and some other sites .. ( really no one gives chance to 14 ,, mainly in nepali community ) but still i will do my job .. hehe .. you guys must be all bigger than me .. but i am just showing what i have or i do in free times yea you might think i am lying coz my nick is igafadi but not my email id and chat id in diff room is gafadi so i didnt get that id here so i put igafadi
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