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  1. Dear All, Happy Vijaya Dashami 2066 to all of our friends at WNSO Chautari.
  2. yep, I know someone study in middlesborough.
  3. Apala may be able to answer your query in more detail, in the mean time, if you are in Nepal, why not visit wnso nepal and see if anybody there who can help? WNSO-Nepal Opposite to FM Adhaytma Jyoti & Beside BAJAJ Showroom. Kathmandu Valley FM Broadcaster's Forum Building P.O. Box: 9339, Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal. Phone: 01-2143143 Email: info@wnso.org.np http://www.wnso.org.np/contactus.php
  4. Hi Aagantuk, welcome to Chautari. Your query has no enough information. I assume that you are coming to study for one year. If your fee is £5500 for one year, then you will need around £600 per month accommodation for one year, that mean 600x12=£7200 Here, accommodation 7200+ 5500 fee = 12500 £12500 is around 15 Lakh Nepali Rupees against what you said 8 Lakh above. To give you accurate information, please provide more information. Working to make money to study will be very very hard path to go through. I don’t recommend anyone to chose this path, specially in current UK climate. Finding part time job is not difficult but part time job only help you to pay for accommodation, food and transport. So you will have to struggle to pay fee. Some lucky people find good job with enough hours when they are in vacation and pay their fee easily but many are suffering. If you can bring money from Nepal to pay fee, then you can manage life. If you find good job and make money here, then you can pay back your family but depending solely on work in the UK to pay fee is not advisable and at one point everyone regret.
  5. होइन हो माया ,संगिता बहिनी जापान तिर बसेको जस्तो छ ओ !
  6. Mohini Limbu


    thank you dipesh.
  7. Mohini Limbu


    Very nice ...Keep it up.
  8. syabas namabri. tara yesto post garda namarmro pardaina ra yeha? link post garepani code to vitra parera active link naaune gari gare ramro hunthyo.
  9. Khai ta video? afno site ka link nadiyera video yeha embade garera post garnus na ho nambari.
  10. yo jutta hanne manchhelai mannu parchha ba.
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