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  1. नाम बदल्ने व्यबस्था सबै ठाउँमा छ र शायद नेपाल मा पनि तर समय र परिस्थितीले गर्दा नाम बदल्ने ले नाम बदल्छन ।
  2. दुआओं कि भिड मे एक दुआ हमारी होगी जिसमें मांगी हमने हर खुशी तुम्हारी होगी, जब भि कोई दस्तक सुनाई दे दिल पे समझो दुआ कूबुल हुई हमारी होगी ।
  3. For me, best inventions are: Socialism, Relationship, Investment, Printing Press, Watt's steam engine and Voltaic Cell. Because without either of them, the modern civilization could not have been built.
  4. Fadda no. 2 is cool. Fadda no. 3 is also cool.
  5. Indian eLearning Wakes Up To Second Life.
  6. चौहान दाई र झिल्के दाई शायद दुबै जना अहिले सोच्तै हुनुहुन्छ होला कि - चौतारीमा जानु त पक्कै पर्छ तर जाने कसरी? त्यो यादवले चाहिने नचाहिने जती सबै गर्नु गरी रा छ। त्यसलाई त.............Grrrrrrrr
  7. So, what about you Yadav ji? You are also a married man.
  8. Hey you good guys! Where are you? Please! come back soon.
  9. Two Ph.D positions (with financial assistance, accommodation… AT, Department of Animal Biotechnology, Bio-Organ Research Center, Konkuk University, 1, Hwayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul 143 701, South Korea. Two positions are available for highly motivated, qualified candidates with demonstrated interest in reproductive biology and biotechnology for pursuing doctoral research (PhD) at the Laboratory of Reproductive Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Konkuk University, South Korea. The key areas of research include nuclear transfer, transgenesis and embryonic stem cell studies in porcine, bovine and mice with the central goal of tranasgenically modified cloned animal production and analysis for xenotransplantation and cell based therapy. One position is also available for PhD in avian transgenesis. Person applying for the later position would be provided training in our recent novel retroviral vector system but should have prior experience with basic molecular biology tools and should be willing to work with chicken flock. Fellowships are available for qualified candidates on competitive basis that would cover tuition fee, accommodation and living expenses depending on the caliber of the student. Prior experience with embryo/cell/molecular biological research is required. One Ph.D position is required in the area of Cell signaling in the laboratory of Dr. Rita Singh. Candidate must have good academic record and students with JRF will be preferred. Last date of receipt of applications is 30th June 2009. Interested candidates can send their curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation and statement of purpose To Dr. Rita Singh, Indo-Korean Collaborator (Department of Zoology), University of Delhi, Delhi-110007. Email: (ghrika_s@yahoo.com).
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