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  1. Lawmakers elected a Maoist who led a decade-long insurgency against the Hindu monarchy as Nepal's new prime minister on Friday, marking the Himalayan nation's radical change into a democratic republic. Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the chief of once-feared Maoist guerrillas who still uses his nom de guerre Prachanda, won 464 votes out of 577 ballots cast in a special Constituent Assembly vote after weeks of political battles. The election opens the way for the formation of a new government, capping a peace process that ended a civil war in which more than 13,000 people died since 1996. Mr Prachanda defeated Mr Sher Bahadur Deuba, a three-time former prime minister from a centrist party. His colleague, Mr Baburam Bhattarai, seen as number two in the Maoist hierarchy, said Maoist politicians including Prachanda will no longer hold any posts in the Maoist rebel army and will return property seized by them during the war. 'Today is a day of pride and it will be written with golden letters in the history of the nation,' Mr Bhattarai said. The Maoists scored a surprise win in a special assembly election in April but did not get a parliamentary majority, prompting a battle for power that left Nepal struggling to form a new government four months after the polls. The assembly abolished the 239-year-old monarchy and declared the mountainous nation a republic in May. Mr Prachanda, 53, led an insurgency against the monarchy in the jungles around the Himalayan foothills. But once he came out of the jungle, Mr Prachanda transformed himself from a revolutionary insurgent into a wily politician, insisting that Maoists are not 'dogmatic communists' and that globalisation and free markets were facts of life. He has promised land reform in one of the world's poorest countries, where 80 per cent of the 26.4 million people depend on farming for a living. The Maoist former guerrillas are still on the U.S. list of terrorist organisations, although US officials have reportedly met with Mr Prachanda. Mr Prachanda, a former agricultural science teacher, is seen as a strong leader by his colleagues, who say he has infused loyalty and discipline among his followers. The Maoists control 227 seats in the assembly that currently has 595 members.
  2. Hi MohonTara Ji, I am very curious to know you. Hope you will contact us and share your helping hands towards the aim of WNSO, Singapore. Thanks, Anish
  3. Dear Sir, Thanks for the valuable information. In few days we will construct the sub-committee and mail you. With regards, Anish
  4. Dear all, It's very difficult to say the number of Nepalese students in Singapore. Particularly on Sarangoon Rd. and around Little India (Mustafa Area)we can find a large groups of Nepalese Students. We already started to count Nepalese students visiting different Private and Government Schools and university. Some difficulties are trying to push us back. Coz we don't have any PROOF THAT WE ARE WORKING LEGALLY as a sister organization of WNSO, Nepal. We hope to get the authority soon and forward the process for registration and work so called legal way. Thanking with regards, Anish Dahal Secretory WNSO Singapore
  5. Nepal's former Crown Prince Paras has arrived here, a source said yesterday, as speculation was rife that he was planning to abandon his homeland for good. Mr.Paras, 36, boarded a silk air flight to Singapore on Tuesday, according to a senior airport security official in Nepal, after initial reports said he had taken a flight to Bangkok. It was not clear where Mr. Paras was staying . A check by AFP of several luxury hotels in the city-state showed nobody registered under his name. When asked by journalists as he entered Kathmandu airport if he planned to return, Mr Paras smiled and made no comment. One Nepalese news paper reported on Monday that he was leaving for Singapore and would call for his family to join him after two weeks. On Tuesday, another publication, The Himalayan Times. said the ex-prince was headed to Singapore to find a school and home for his three children and wife, but that he would not be living in the city-state himself. It is said that Mr. Paras was concerned for the safety of his family following the end of the 240-year-old monarchy in Nepal and the withdrawal of all royal privileges. Mr Paras' father King Gyanendra, became the last of the Shah dynasty on May 28 when a Maoist-dominated assembly elected in April decided to declare the country a republic. Mr Paras has been unpopular for years in Nepal where his reputation for enjoying the high life was not well viewed in the predominantly Hindu, conservative and impoverished nation, Nepal..
  6. Dear friends, As you know Mr. Shyam is coming to Singapore on 23/24 June. So, Plz try to arrange your time to be together with him. He is certainly going to help in further movement of WNSO, Singapore. We must get the idea about the sound and smooth running of the organization. And especially a lot of thanks to Mr. Bharat for his great effort for creating this useful site for WNSO, Singapore and hope same in future too. Thanks Anish Dahal Secretary, WNSO Singapore Mobile:+65 9052 9935 HP :+65 65196718 e-mail : anish_love25@yahoo.com
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