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  1. Finding your ideal work experience • Identifying an opportunity: think about likely career interests and long-term goals you may have and skills you want to develop. • Determine the broad occupational area in which you want to work and any specific objectives you want to fulfil, i.e: greater understanding of career choice within a sector. • If you don't know what you want to do, try something that involves your other interests. • Think about how much time you can spare for work in addition to studying. • Think about whether it needs to relate to your degree subject or not. • Identify companies that you are interested in working for with the help of your University Careers Service or Job Shop, or research them through the internet or business publications. • In contacting companies or organisations write to the HR Manager stating why you are interested in them and in getting work experience. State also what you can offer them in terms of technical skills and personal qualities you may have. • Prepare for the interview by viewing it from the manager's perspective, i.e. why should the company or organisation take you on? What are the benefits to them? • Show a positive attitude and be pro-active. • Treat it seriously: work experience could make a significant difference to your career goal.
  2. Malai pani Gyanu ko mai bhayeko ramro. Yesterday, I spoke to her. If all other member is OK, then she has no problem. If any member has problem, could you please jump in the forum. Regards DB Sahi
  3. Really useful for me and all other students who want to do feasibility study about their continuation of study in regards of their situation i.e. financial potential and the academic performamance. DB Sahi
  4. Same to you bro and to all other members of WNSO as well !!! Regards DB Sahi
  5. Shyamji, really good one!!! Regards, DB Sahi
  6. Hi Siddarth and other members of WNSO Media Network, We are having meeting tomorrow at North West London College in Alperton. I requested for the venue to the director of the college who has now accepted for 11 am, Saturday, 8th December, 2007. But we have decided to meet all of us in front of Alperton Tube Station at 10.45am from where we will go to the venue together. This is best possible venue for all members on the basis their location as far as I know. Regards DB Sahi
  7. Hi Subashji, I have found an article, it might be like a drop of water for thirsty person. I have attached herewith. DB Sahi DB_Sahi.doc
  8. No problem!!! I am also a student of economics and business and I also like to go through www.economist.com and found good to do assignment sometime. But not always! Anyway if I found any related website then I will not forget u and do the same to me as well. Regards DB Sahi
  9. Sumaji, thanks for remiding me about the message. This shows that I can trust you and looking for suggestion from you every activities in future as well. Regards, DB Sahi
  10. In coming Saturday Gyanu and me going to Nepali TV and then we will know the further development. I have asked every member to post the free time normally in a week. Like in my case I am free on tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday. This will let us organise any programme and can go to Nepali TV together. Any further suggestion will be heartly welcome. Regards DB Sahi
  11. In which area in london will you be here? DB Sahi
  12. Thank you bro, Because of your information I could guide my brother Rabin of my village.
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