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  1. artist have no natinality...not boundries..... Great for Nepali origin people that Prashat Tamang win INdian Idol...it is good for all nepali origin people around the world........ I also donated Nrs. 1000 for the voting. At leaste my money not waited...
  2. Being the newest meber of WNSO CHAUTARI, my reply to this topic may be wrong and may harm some one. But after going through the debate between THIRDPOLE and JOY, i find THIRDPOLE wrong in this matter. What is KHULLA MUNCH...... it said Talking Point - Khulla Mancha Any none educational debate to go here. Talking point is Chautari in Nepalese (hoina ra?). And you know what they talk when people gather in Chautari. It could include from politics to politician, business to businessman, actor to actress, east to west and north to south…. and more… 1. The description of the KHULLA MUCH itself talks that the non educational ralated debate go in this KHULLA MUNCH. Members are free to post the subject that talk when people gather around chautari. JOY post the right thing. It is the kind of post that people takl in Chautari. 2. THIRDPOLE have been more personal towards JOY jee. I went through the discussion / debate. It was one sided only the THIRDPOLE is attacking JOY. JOY only replied with his sentiments above. I want to request THIRDPOLE that please do not offend others. As JOY jee post the kind of topic that nepali people have been talking for long. And lastly it is not necessary for everybody to support PRASHANT TAMANG and RAMDEV. People can have their own view about them. The Offense like the THIRDPOLE did was very bad example among the NEWEST member like us. Sorry that it may hurt THIRDPOLE but the way he offend JOY was so cruel and THIRDPOLE went personal. My view is that IN KHULLA MUNCH, just like the description of the KHULLA MUNCH said, there is nothing wrong about the topic JOY posted. And people dont; talk about education at chautari. THIRDPOLE don;t take my post personnal.
  3. Thank you very much guys for your warm welcome.......I will be regular in Chautari
  4. Although i'm new at the CHAUTARI..i have known about WNSO from last two years. Great people and great place to meet at CHAUTARI. Please guide me for some days while new at chautari
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