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    computers, art and technology.
  1. Tution fee 100% free Requirments IELTS 6.0 Living Cost: very high. Temperature: very cold University: very nice and Hi-tech. www.studyinsweden.com teaching: In english and swedish Part time jobs: allowed and not so easy. City: stockholm, gotenburg, Malmo, Lund, Linkopping, Narkopping, jankopping Population: around 90 lakhs Transportation: very expensive swedish People: avarage Immigrants: Yes, form Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Ethiopea almost muslim countries. Nepalese in sweden: very less. If get job income rate: good.
  2. Thanks Sunil ji, and to all WNSO team, for quick and fast response, it is really good moment for me to meet and talk with you. I am just happy to know about this online forum which is quite helpful for students like us. Nabin.
  3. Hello, I reached here in Linkoping city in sweden 200 km from stockholm on august, and after i came here i found no one here is frm Nepal and i don't have idea about other nepali people in stockholm, so that they can assist me to learn about the sweden, jobs and all. if some body in sweden watched this topic please reply on my mail or over here, i will be very happy to meet nepali here in sweden.
  4. Nabin Shakya

    Life in Linköpings

    Linköpings city. sweden.
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