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  1. Dear Mr. BS Let me make you clear that I'm also a volunteer of WNSO. I will be working as a volunteer for this program. Moreover its not me who will be paying volunteers for their work. In fact I am going to get paid as much as I deserve, So I'm participating in this program. This is just a genuine proposal ~probably~ a notice. There is nothing misleading in it. And as I've already told you they will make everything clear before they hire us, I don't see any problem right now. No hard feelings, We here at WNSO Nepal prefer to call it "volunteering" rather than being misleaded or exploited.
  2. The political development of the country, last few weeks has stunned lots of Nepalese people who had been expecting a peaceful ambience in the nation after a long period of uncertainity. The nation got its new president and vice-president. People were happy and they started to garner hopes and dreams. They congratulated each other and celebrated the moment. But their happiness didn't last very long. The very next day an irresponsible act of the most responsible person of the nation left millions of people accross the country numb and stunned. Except for a few instances of violence people remained silent. But as I talked to people on and around me, it was clear to me how badly the event had hurt their sentiments. Personally, I got an opportunity to meet some mediapersons, leaders, teachers, teenagers and general people as a part of my job and I talked to them about the issue. Through this I could clearly see the fire in their eyes and I could feel a patriot inside each and every of them crying for the nation and nationality. The chain of events simply clarifies what's happening. This is nothing but a harbinger of an evil; encroachment of foreign forces to our nationality. When the whole country is worried about the nation and nationality, our vice-president is busy trying to justify his foolish act by saying something like; he took oath in Hindi for 0.2 million people residing in the country.....ridiculous......isn't it? A person who doesn't respect his mother language or his national language and takes oath of office in a non-nepali language, how can the nation and the citizens expect that he will represent the voice of 25 million Nepalese who are dreaming for New Nepal. Who exactly is he trying to please by disappointing us, the Nepalese, the true Nepalese? It really pinches me and I'm sure it does you as well. Jai Nepal Prasant
  3. Dear friends, it is well known to you all that WNSO Nepal is a forum for volunteers from a wide range of disciplines and we have been conducting different programs to enhance the knowledge of our volunteers time and again. In the same context, we had provided an opportunity for our volunteers to participate in a half day workshop on "Wildlife Crime and Database Establishment" on 12th 2008, conducted by Wildlife Conservation Nepal. I, on behalf of WNSO Nepal would like express my deep gratitude to WCN for the great hospitality and as the coordinator of the event, would like to thank all the participants of the workshop for their valued participation. The workshop was not only a chance for our volunteers to gain knowledge on wildlife and crimes related to it but also an opportunity for the whole organization to explore avenues to work in cooperation with an organization for a common objective. I hope the workshop opened doors for both organization to work in co-ordination in future. And, it gives me immense pleasure to notify you that WCN is looking for young and enthusiastic volunteers interested to work in the field of conservation of wildlife and nature for its new program that will commence on October. So, those who want to be a part of this program, please continue this chain. Or you can simply write to mail@wcn.org.np and express your interest to work as volunteer. This is just a notificationThe jobs and responsibilities along with the provisions of TADA will be posted very soon. Thanks and regards Prasant
  4. Dear Friends, Regarding the expected outcome, our volunteers will gain knowledge about Wildlife conservation and get updated to the real conservation scenario. The workshop will also provide information on Wildlife crime and how to combat it. The workshop is all about informing and sensitizing the volunteers on conservation issues. Moreover I guess we do have lots of volunteers who are from the Conservation background, so this will prove to be an opportunity for those specific volunteers. Prasant
  5. Dear Friends, WCN has agreed to conduct the Workshop on Saturday. Here are the details about the Workshop. Date: 12th July 2008, Saturday Venue:Dhobighat, Sanepa Conservation Chautari Office Top Floor Time: 11:00am-2:00 pm The issues and topic for the discussion will be forwarded to WNSO via e-mail. The detailed program schedule will also be forwarded. The maximum participation is expected to be 50.
  6. Dear friends, Wildlife Conservation Nepal, an NGO working for the conservation of wildlife and nature, has agreed to conduct a half-day workshop for the volunteers of WNSO Nepal. The topic of the workshop will be "Wild conservation and prevention of wildlife crime". So, Please suggest the preferable date for this program. So far, WCN is willing to conduct this workshop on 14th July, Monday. The workshop program will be totally conducted on WCN's own expenses. Workshop will be half day long (10-lunch time). Please send your views. Prasant.
  7. Old machines do take time to get started but once the valves are cleaned out they are just unmistakeable. Having you old ppl back in the forum is just great. Looking forward for your rocking presence in the house...Cheers!!!!!!
  8. It was a cool, chilled evening, Jan 13th 2008, when I left the Closing ceremony of the "Lifeskiill development training and workshop program" organized by WNSO. With a mixed feeling, somewhere between hope and despair, I quickly tried to remember some of the innocent faces who took part in the training. I didn't exactly know whether the hopes and confidence instigated by the facilitators in those smiling, bright faces is going to last forever but as I watched the participants speak during the closing ceremony I realized, that they had acquired what the facilitators wanted them to acquire. The speakers from the participants' side (who had just sarted to believe that they can create something if they imagine it), stammered a lot but however managed to communicate and tell others, what they had exactly learned during the three day training and spoke out with confidence (in English). So far as I know, the objective of the Training progam was to bring about a moderation in behaviour of the particiapants. Certainly, I could see a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of hopes aroused in the particaipants but one thing we should always keep in mind is, "No-confidence" and "Over-confidence" both are equally dangerous. Let's hope we have not instilled that over-confidence in them. Wish you all the best for the coming up Blood Donation Program. I just wonder how you people manage to conduct so many programs in a row with a back up of a few active volunteers. Only suggestion from my side, please do try to manage the quality instead of quantity of programs specially from the management point of view. Prasant, Times F.M.
  9. Hi folks...Didn't you ever find it hard to handle your mails during your busy schedule? Last week I had a real tough time when I missed an important e-mail message which was to be replied instantly. Since I've been using Hotmail frequently these days, I forgot to check out my yahoo message. And cosequently I could not respond to my Research Assistantship provider's e-mail. So finally I'm here to seek a solution to this problem. Is is possible to read your yahoo, hotmail and G-Mail messages all at once from the same inbox? If it is possible Pls!!!! HELP.
  10. I love to watch NBA matches. Well it was three years back (in the Hostle days) some of my friends didn't miss even a single NBA match? Is there anybody really enthusiastic about it. I'd be happy to get some information about the NBA match schedule. Thanking you in advance.
  11. Nice information..Specially the second additional information was quiet useful to me. Now I can apply this one to block spammers. Thanx..
  12. Happy Birthday to you Shyam Zee and A Merry Christmas as well. Lucky guy! So how does it feels to share a Birthday with Jesus? .......... Just kiddin'
  13. Dear Executive committee members and WNSO members, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the members of the executive committe and the WNSO crew for assigning me as a member of the promotional committe. I take this as a great opportunity for myself and promise hereby to work for the betterment and promotion of the organization.
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