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  1. Need much stylist show The first one is very funny.
  2. Only a person who has not felt true love can move on in life saying 'There are lots of other fish in the sea'.
  3. QUOTE (manoj @ Feb 13 2004, 01:53 PM) QUOTE (Sujita Lamichhane @ Feb 13 2004, 01:42 PM) You have a very good view here, indeed but this can be done only in love cases or love marriages. What do you say about arranged marriage? For arranged marriage,it's more of a custom/tradition. I think, manoj ji have very funny view here and it's not the correct reply so far.
  4. Talking to someone who has no expectations of me and being able to be myself.
  5. Everybody have to join this Anti-War forum. Go ahead friends.
  6. That's great. Ofcourse, we Nepalese are always eager to show our rich culture to anothers. I m really happy to know about the Cultural Night in Cyprus College. Well done friends. Avee ji, thank you for these photos.
  7. Cool photos, great to know about you...PRAYAS friends. All the best for your very bright future.
  8. Purano bhanai chha.....'Punjab ma Sardar haruko mastisk herera Question paper haru tayar garithyo re'. This is suit to Sardars.
  9. Sheela Shrestha


    This is really very nice joke.
  10. Sheela Shrestha

    Banta Singh

    Nice jokes. Cool collection.
  11. Happy New Year 2060@‚a‚r to all students and non-students. Have a very happy New Year.
  12. Nightmare ji, It was really great to know about you. You are really a hard working student. I believe, we students and WNSO will be benefited by your hard work and experiences. WNSO always wanted to creative students like you. Thank you so much for your briefs profile, and it was really cool and an informative. See you and hope to see you more often in the forum. Nice day to you. And all the best for your success future.
  13. Nice meeting you suman ji, thanks for your profile.
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