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  1. Please this is very urgent and this can also prove to be a valuable experience for those wishing to work in the media field. Please do contact us as soon as possible.
  2. Dambar daju, kati khera bhetne ho saturday
  3. I think giving NRN's citizenship would be a very good move. I am aware of the fact that some minorities have not received citizenships. bichara tyo chepang lai citizensip bhaneko k tha, tyo kagaj ko tukro lae ta usley boru aago balna upayog garcha hola. What i mean is giving citizenships to minorities is a compulsion, but it is a hard and a lengthy process too. Pheri Nepal ma ta kei garyo bhaney tei melamchi ko para huncha. So why dont we rather focus on what we can do easily and in a short period of time. What's more profitable for our country should be given a priority. pheri NRN haru pani hamrai bedesiako daju bhai na ho. its better if we give them a dual citizenship as its economically beneficial. Hamro minorities harulae pani gardai garaula. I don't understand why this citizenship thing has become an issue, but there's no harm in giving NRN's dual citizenships. For example, hami Chepang harulae nagarikta bhaneko k ho buajudae basera NRN bata aauney economic boost rokney ke, budhi chalaera j garnu parney ho time mai garney.
  4. Yes, I agree, specially in the racism issue. Here, in the Uk people claim not be racists, but all the while it shows in their behavior.
  5. We are so proud about Gurkhas aren't we. But, than at present and the past, our brothers have always been treated like mercenaries. Even today they are not given the same benefits that are given to their own citizens. When are our brothers going to be given the smae pay scales and benefits? They right now are just using us and our bravery for their own benefit, at very little costs. This is sad ,but this is the reality.
  6. A nice joke, but again this is a very stereotypical view.
  7. Siddartha

    We have moved.

    how is the new location. Is it like bigger than the old one? or is it no different, i would really appreciate it if some one would let me know.
  8. Seriously people, I think we've had enough with facts concerning the king and the primeminister, or the king and the parties. No body in Nepals polkitical scenario right now is focusing on Nepal, ITs all about the King. We should be able to kick the king out if we want that to happen, instead of keeping ourselves plagued with King vs Prime minister and King vs Parties issues. Lets do wha tis good for the country. All the while, concerning the fact that the king visited some sites of religious importance, i believe he has equal rights as any other Nepali to do so. Now that we consider him nothing but a normal Nepali citizen and that we dont want to give him the kingly status, why should we be bothered if he visits religious places in days of religious importance. Guys, what he does, if it does not attack our rights should not be given any importance.
  9. I find this really funny. It is ridiculous in the sense that they are giving a 40,000 year sentence. Well they might be trying to so that Spain is very serious about giving terrorists what they deserve, but consodering the fact that these guys will be already be dead for thirty nine thousand nine hundred and some thing years when the term terminates, i would like to ask if there dead bodies are going to be mumnified and kept in jail for these period?? Alright guys, enough with the mocking, but ya, this is a very good move by Spain. It has given these terrorists what they deserve. While they spend the rest of their lives in jail, they should be pushed towards the realization of the disaster that they have caused.
  10. haena sathiharo, september 2007's intake finished a long time ago, Why does the home page still mention it then?
  11. Changing the capital would be a very good move. It would ceratainly decentralize the population. People would flock less into Kathmandu. However, I think that other cities in Nepal dont have enough infrastructure to really work as a capital. aba arko Singha durbar nepal ma kata cha. Ranako durbar haru ale kam cha bahira. Instead, the economic base could be changed. One very good move would be to build international airports in the Eastern and Far Western regions. Tribhuwan international airport already serves in the Central region. Good schools and universities in every region of Nepal would be a very good move.
  12. That a very common phenomenon. Well one way of keeping them awake at the parliament would be by cancelling out their payments if they fall asleep during the session. Another way could be public harassment. For example KTV could have interviewed these people after the session on what they dreamt about while they were sleeping in the parliament.
  13. Siddartha

    short GAJAL !!

    Ramro lagyo, aru jawosh hai
  14. Keep the jokes coming , tara hamro president saab lai ale pachena jasto cha
  15. Siddartha

    feri euta GAJAL

    dherai peunu ramro haina hai, ale limit khaney garnush.
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