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  1. Hello All, A program for WNSO OnLine Radio is being recorded and coming online soon. The Program is being entitled as 'Radio Chautari', a program about the events of WNSO and updates on activities of WNSO Team. I would like to welcome all the interested members and volunteers to come up with ideas and scripts about other Programs as well. Regards, Luna Gurung Executive Committe Member WNSO Nepal.
  2. It was a nice experience, and I would like to thank everyone who participated for this noble cause. We are eagerly waiting to view the pictures if the photos gets uploaded.
  3. Hello, The program for the Distribution of Clothes has been rescheduled due to the internal consequences on 6th January, 12:00 noon in the premises of Pashupatinath BriddhaAshram. We would appreciate your participation and let's hope to make it a successful endeavour. Date : 6th January. Time: 12:00 noon. Thanking You, Luna and Sita. Executive Committee, WNSO, Nepal.
  4. Dear All, Thankyou for all your support and encouragement. We got great response from our friends and collegues circle. We were able to collect quite a nice amount of funds and clothes for the program. We will be conducting the distribution program on 6th January Sunday in the premises of Pashupatinath BriddhaAshram. We hope to see the participation of all the friends and members of WNSO to support the program. Thanks Once Again, Luna Gurung
  5. Well, since we are distributing the collected reusable clothes within the first week of January, transporting from overseas like: North America may not be delivered within the required date. Hence, as mentioned by Sanjeeb ji and Dipesh ji, the quick solution might be coordinating and contributing for fund, so that we can purchase blankets or clothes from the local market. However, BS ji, we would like to appreciate your empathy and desire to help out. You may ask interested Bro or Sis. coming Nepal during the festive season of Christmas and New year, who may agree to bring the collection and drop by WNSO, Nepal. Or else I can talk to one of my brother who is coming to Nepal on 19th Dec from Minnesota, provided that you have already made the collection and it is ready to be sent. As for the estimation of the resources required, EC Members may have to visit Pashupati BridhaAshram and survey the requirement. Any one from Executive Committee interested to volunteer for this and visit the site?
  6. All of us are aware that winter is here, the chilling cold weather of Kathmandu is quite unbearable for anyone. Elder citizens find it very difficult cope up with cold and freezing weather, most of them are vulnerable and might suffer from rheumatism ,asthma, and cold fever etc. Since, Nepalese Government doesn’t have extensive HealthCare Policies for Elder Citizens, providing warmth and care to some of the elder citizen who have been living in the "BridhaAashram" in the premises of Pashupati by donating warm clothes or blankets would be, by organizing campaign for collecting reusable warm clothes. We are hopeful that interested ones who wish to contribute any kind of winter clothes like: Jacket, Shawls, Pullover, Trousers, Light Blankets etc. will be heartily accepted. This is totally a zero-fund based program, in which we welcome your contribution in the form of warm winter clothes and not any sum of money. Instead of money, we would like you to purchase blankets or socks as your contribution for this noble and social cause. It would mean a lot for the Senior Citizens who have been residing in Oldage, to have warm clothes that we select from our belongings or purchase and let them use with care. We would highly welcome suggestions of you all because we can turn our ideas into implementation only with the co-operation and co-ordination of you all.
  7. Hi All, Along with the project Cooking Without Gas there is another nepali project Limbs from Leftovers which we can vote for. A brief decsription is given as below: "World Challenge 2007 is a global competition that seeks out projects and businesses that not only make a profit, but also put something back into the community. World Challenge 2007, brought to you by BBC World and Newsweek, in association with Shell is all about rewarding individuals or groups that truly make a difference through enterprise and innovation at a grass roots level. The winner will receive a US$20,000 award from Shell to benefit their project, while two runners-up will each receive $10,000. One representative from each of the three final projects will be flown to The Hague, The Netherlands to attend the award ceremony in December 2007. Among the 12 finalist, a Nepali project entitled “LIMBS FROM LEFTOVERS”, making artificial legs for disabled from everyday waste has been also selected. " So guys, let’s vote and make it a winner. http://www.theworldchallenge.co.uk/limbs.php With Regards, Loona
  8. Sanjeeb Ji, Thanks for the updates and pictures of the Program. Talking about my experience, trying to host a program in our mother language Nepali was quite a strange experience though I happened to forget words and sometimes misunderstood the guest names. Too many things were going on in my head that day. Rapid changes in schedules, uncertainties and qualms were quite unnerving. However, in the end I felt that was a learning experience. I am really thankful being involved and organizing this program and thankful to everyone who were there supporting each other. The kind of unity and combined effort everyone attempted was worth appreciating. Sunil Sir, about pictures and caption, could you please update the picture caption 'Mistress of Ceremony' as 'MC", just MC sounds better. It would be nice if other pictures were also captioned with the names of all guests and contestants. Regards
  9. Hello Everyone, Tentantative Schedule of the Program has been reviewed and updated. Sanjib ji, as we had discussed about the scheduling of refreshment and tea break, this is a short program of 3-4 hours and we will keep the refresnment and tea break after the closing ceremony. If any suggestions, we will appreciate. Program Schedule (10:00am-2:00pm) MC: Luna Gurung and alternative Prashant Raut 1. Inaugural Session (10:00-10:30) • Introduction about the Program • Chairing Ceremony of Chair Person, Chief Guest, Jury Members, and distinguished Guests from within and outside the nation. • Lamp Lightening and inauguration of Program by Chief Guest. • Welcome Speech and Introduction to WNSO-Nepal by President of Nepal Committee. 2. Event Session (10:30-1:20) • Introduction o Rules and timing o Participants • Participant's speech (7 minutes each) • Judges Comments From one of them. SHORT BREAK(5-10 min) 3. Closing Session (1:30-2:00) • Announcements of Results • Award Distribution • Token of Love (Thanking gift) for all guests by WNSO-Nepal and certificate of appreciation for volunteers. • Vote of Thanks with the Concluding Remarks by the Chairperson. BREAK: Refreshment n Snacks
  10. Sanjeev ji, thanks for the schedule. Can we update the name list of the guests and Chief Guests? And regarding Female judge, should we start invite alternative judge or confirm Ms. Malvika whether she could return back before 7th Oct. If you have been trying to contact other alternative Judges please let us know.
  11. The new look of banner in chautari forum could have been nice, if there was a light backround colour according matching the theme of the site, so that the odd gap between the pictures could be less distinct. And the Gallery picture can be displayed with a caption.
  12. Congratulations Yadav!! Your volunteering spirit is worth to be appreciated. I hope that each of us may have same spirit to serve our community.
  13. Respected Executive Board Members, I extend my gratitude for being appointed as an Executive Member and would like to assure that I would try my level best to utilize every opportunity to work and participate in various social activities and events organized by WNSO. On the behalf of Executive Team, we will be working towards the welfare of the Nepalese Society and Student's. Regards, Luna Gurung
  14. Just getting back to forum after quite a hectic schedule of my work-life for few weeks. Well, I am sorry I did miss few important events. However, I hope it's never too late. I would like to congratulate all the full and partial scholarship winners. As a matter of fact, the real challenge now begins for the winners so that they can live up to the expectation of the selection committee and the university as well. I hope they were the deserving students and would do good so that WNSO would be recognized by the good deeds of these fellowstudents. All the best!!
  15. Seeing the economic boom in India in the past couple of years, we could have also created a competitive and economic IT Manpower so as to attract the foreign companies for various outsourcing services like: call centers, software outsourcing, medical transcription etc. and create a competitive market as well. Since, "it's better late than never" now that the situation of country has stabilized and there is peace in the country, there are chances that there will definately be a good change and one of the example is the increase in percentage of students passing SLC this year which was 58% than that of 46% last year which ultimately increases the literacy rate of Nepal. Hence, without any doubt there will be more students graduating each year. But there may arise questions about the employment opportunities to these graduate. If they can be mobilized and managed in our country, then I hope there would be definately an economic boom in our country.
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