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  1. WNSO is providing the 100% scholarship for Nepalese students in UK. That was the top news we are hearing in Nepal now a days. Last week I was in the UK embassy visa centre (VFS GLOBAL) in Nagpokhari to apply for UK visa ( for visit purpose as my parents are in UK), I met some students applying for student visa in WNSO 30% scholarship. WOW now i came to know that WNSO is also providing 30% scholarship. finaly yesterday one of my good friend who applied for 100% scholarship from WNSO and didn't got, called me and said that He got 35% scholarship. And there are students tal;king about 50% scholarship. Two of my friend got 20% discount in the tution fees by ICON COLLEGE. So how many type of scholarship do WNSO provide? 100%, 20%, 35%, 30% and 50%. Isn't that tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many??? Is WNSO turning out to be EDUCATION CONSULTANT?????????????? I think the people in embassy will be fed up with the scholarship provided by WNSO and ICON COLLEGE. One day somebody go with 30% scholarship and the next day another goes with 35% scholarship and other day other student with 50% scholarship and there is 100% scholarship winners too and ICON COLLEGE offered 20% discount also. And they may not give visa to 100% scholarship winner tooooo. This way WNSO will loose it's organisation WEIGHT??? What do WNSO NEPAL and WNSO say about it??????????????????????????????
  2. for some cases like rape, murder , Death penalty is the right punishment.
  3. Sex Trading should be legalised. Lets look at some of the developed countries, most of them have leaglised. So why no in Nepal??
  4. Beauty pageants are only a reflection of a rather ugly part of ourselves(no pun intended). The part that only looks at the outside. Beautiful people are more likely to get help when their car broke down. They are also more likely to get a promotion, earn more, and are perceived as friendlier. Scientists found that even babies (we’re talking less than a month old) are more likely to respond to pictures of good-looking women than they are to respond to pictures of ordinary-looking women. Suppose beauty pageants really were banned. There’s still going to be that infamous Indian aunty who readjusts her glasses, looks you over, and says in front of thirty thousand other people including the boy you like, ’’You’re too Skinny/plump/tall/short/whatever, beta’’. horror of horrors. Try explaining inner beauty to her. My point is, this is a part of human nature. Beauty pageants are only a symptom. Do beauty pageants measure inner beauty or outer beauty? Obviously most of the time it is outer beauty. But a lot of it depends on the judges too. At a lot of Miss Nepal contests I’ve seen, the winner isn’t as pretty as the other finalists who didn't win title. The most recent example of this, as another reviewer pointed out, would be Miss Nepal, who became last year’s Miss Nepal. She was not good looking at all. But she won. (This might be the reason why Miss Nepal never wins the Miss Universe / world contest. But I prefer to think it was narrow minded jealousy of Nepalese People, LOL. ) Lets support Beauty Paegents competition..
  5. I'm for ABORTION. If anybody want to abort because of such rape or any other similar type of case, I support it. If the abortion is done until some weeks , its ok
  6. who is the president fo PABSON??? Geeta Rana or Umesh Shrestha?????
  7. why u would give comtinuty in the WNSO activities??? have u benefited from WNSO Arjun Subedi??
  8. is Gyanu Raut president of WNSO UK?????? well good for nepalese students, good oppurtunity??? keep in up????
  9. Because Shamnika Karki may be the relative of somebody from WNSO or WNSO NEPAL. Yadav Prasad did not got 100% scholarship beacuse he is not relative of anybody from WNSO and WNSO just want to use him as volunteer???????? Good Volunteer??
  10. welcome Gyanu Raut I guess Gyanu Raut is the President of WNSO UK....am i right??????
  11. Robin Khatri netted 29 points as RIBS eased past Ace Institute 90-32 in the Mohan Pradhan Memorial U-19 Basketball Tournament. In other matches, Prime defeated LRI 61-36 and Nepal Basketball Academy overwhelmed National Integrated College 70-32. In Friday’s quarter-finals, Lincoln will take on LRI, Prime will meet NBA, RIBS are up against Gyanodaya and Wilson face Ace
  12. Sudur Nepal Latest news is that Nepal Basketball Association had just added two members in their executive committe. Suprisingly both of them are from SUDUR NEPAL. 1. Rajendra bahadur Chand 2. Miss Nepal Sitasma Chand. Good News for you SUDUR NEPAL. another thing there are plenty of Janajati in the Nepal Basketball Association and offcourse there are not Madhesi and Dalit representation. About There are 3 Mahila in the commitee and thar is far toooo.
  13. There is no dought that WNSO is doing great work and it is giving platform for Nepalese students. But the rumours in Nepal is that WNSO is selecting their own close persons for the 100% scholarship. What do WNSO Nepal have to say about it.
  14. I dont; support the s;laughtering of animals for religion. we need to change this tradition......we dont want to kill animals for the sake of GOD to eat........................................................it's bullshit as for GOD all the animals including human being is same..........................all have life.................................
  15. i go 4 death penalty.....we can kill chicken and other animals to eat why not give death penalty for the criminails... i support death penalty..
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