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  1. Its funny, disgrace I don't know so irritaing. I was watching a program on sagarmatha tv. Sapana pariyar was the guest of the show. As it was little clumsy in the beginning as the host was repeatedly saying" the singer has come to the country after two and a half year stay in US with a green card". Since i like sapana shree verymuch thats why i was glued to the screen. But to dismay this host was only talking about US how she got the green card and stuff like that unrelated to her music or anything like that, and to add upp the spice the girl replied in one of his silly question, how does the audience react after her singing ( IN US as she is singing in a restaurant) the girl proudly said oh they like me and usually say you must have been born in India. she was boostfully saying as if she would really love to be an INDIAN. Damn waht is wrong with moral and standards.people on media can't show little hope to the young generations. its pathetic to see people have no patroitism. DAMN our attitude. I m hurt today.
  2. god kaslai k ko chinta ghar juwailai khana ko chinta, gharma ke ke garno cha hami ajhai gaas , baas ra kapadako kura ma aljhi rachau ani kasari bikas ra naya soch sochna phoorsat? yesta jhina masina things are normal, ramro looga bhaye satera laauchan, ramro body bhaye dekhayera hidchan, lets talk the talk and walk the walk, aroo le k laaye, ke khaye do u think guy is important issues? god bless
  3. i have to change money anyways sweden doesnot use euros its kroner its good to hear about maestro card.I m not moving now but only if I find a decent job in London then i want to move. however can you advide any online newspaper where people and meet nad news of everyday life , like jobs and disscussion on current topic? thanks. Bijita
  4. bijita


    Welcome to sweden are u joinning the höst termin? In wich university are you in?
  5. thank you guys. Hope I make good decision. Im so tired of this non english speaking environment. anyways for 5 days how much money is needed usually. do they accept Maestro cards . thanks
  6. Any one from London please advise is it good idea to leave a decent job in Sweden and migrate to london only problem is i m comfortable in english speaking area. how much possibilities is there for a new starter? how much does it take to adjust there and how much is living cost per month? thanks am coming on 23 for 5 days is there opssibilities to do somthing important have visa for 6 months thoough. thanks BIJITA
  7. It takes time to build NEPAL tara but kintu parantu hamile aaphno kartabya birsanu hoodaina . AAphno kartabya pura gare awasya tesko phal NEpal mai jaancha so Guys work hard, worship ur knowledge that is what is needed rather than just expecting political dramas now. Good luck to shinning stars Youth of Nepal. Kisses to my land.
  8. dear Viking lets have party this early summer say what? snow is good and luckily we have sun these days. Mood for fest. Eller ska ha Någonting tillsammans? ska jag ringa till mina kompisar? hejdå solig hälsningar Bijita
  9. ani bahiraka Nepali haruule apply garna paaucha ki paaudaina . yaha scholarship ko atti khacho cha tyo pani london mai . is it possible? I m done with sweden .I need to be somewhere english speaking country.
  10. kuro je gare pani uhiho aba chamarle paayeko chaina bhanera NRN lai nadine is no thought of Free, modern society. Rationally think garnoo paryo Chamarlai ahile ke chahiyeko cha primary needs nai pura garna sakeko chaina usle nagarita liyera ke garcha. May be firstly uslai usko awasyak primary needs facilitate garna paryo uta NRN ko bhanai kaam garne tarika, planning, usle garna sakne devt. ko probability herera nirnaya garna paryo. Je bhane pani If u want Development YOu need to loose ur hand eta kanjus garera uta kanjus garera hoodaina ra development le bhtrauune harek consequences lai sahana sakne hoonuparyo.
  11. tara mero Bichar ali pharak cha Je gara ma 100% mandina. Sabaile jaane ko cha hamro deshko awastha economically low cha ra mero gyanle bhaye samma NEpal Needs big Push , large sum of Money, Bahirako degree lyarera Nepalai base tehi service mentality huncha jaagir garyo aliali paisa kamayo ghar banayo. thats it. tara Bahirai basta paisa dherai huncha akhir Bideshma kamayeko dherai bhag Nepalnai Bhitrincha ra tyo paisa le naya industry, business garna whattai paisa rakhna sakincha. Rs.10000 monthly kamayera 5 janako pariwar palera kahile industrialization ra naya entrepreunurship flourish huncha?MEro sojho bichar ma 5janako family ma ek yuva bahira jaanai parcha bahira ko duniya hernai parcha sake sikeko kura deshma bhitraune nasake atlest Paisa ta Bitrincha nai. 100%practical nabhayepani 100 ma 1 jana ta highly motivated hooncha . Imagine barsabharima kati paisa bhitrincha ra extra naya technique tyo 1personle bhitraihalcha. SO EVERYBODY start Making up your mind MONEY MONEY MONEY.
  12. I used to be a program producer , run a program sometimes design a radio jingles whatelse Nepalima samachar padhna chahi patyayenan ra mero ikchyaa ikchyaa mai simit rahyo.
  13. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lau maryo yaha ta .....
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