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  1. bhag doud ko jamana ma manchhe lai aaram le aaram garna dine koi bhayenan ! ajha dublo patlo hunu bhanda ta healthy bhayekai ramro ! forget the world, spend some time with yourself, sleep as much as you can, coz u dont want to know how difficult are sleepless nights.
  2. ""You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be as one"" this song is one of my all time favorites too ! n those four lines are just awesome !!
  3. hmm... hoste ma haiso gardai ma pani aai puge.. ! sablai aaramai?
  4. exactly what i meant too ! each one of us continue to contribute from their side, the tast in hand sudnt be tough. make no mistake, i m having a similiar opinion only. its good to hear such words from a forum member, n i am in.
  5. very much indeed ! i wud love to have something like that on my lap ! i ll hav to be content with ma deskie for the time being ! arnt the lappies for big girls, n deskies for big boys !? lol ! just kidding ! u say u got it in cheap ! m sure its a good buy ! do u have blue tooth? jk !!
  6. i dont prefer chat rooms as much as the forum. i havnt been to the wnso room yet, it sure must be fun, meanwhile. i wud like to request all of you to be regular in the forums, and keep posting !
  7. sad news. may his soul rest in peace and my condolence to the deceased family
  8. there are different course that combine those two streams, like biomedical engineering, medical informatics, or even medical biotechnology ! its a very good choice of field. i was going into biomedical before ended up being into computer science. i have this feeling now, that i was always made for computers ! though m not a geek !
  9. now or never ! u think things work like that? build Paris, now or never. sounds unrealistic, doesnt it? everything takes time, n all we need is patience ! u keep contributing from ur side, rest will fall onto their right places ! this is not only being optimistic, this is being practical !
  10. its a very sad news ! life must have been so tough on him.. no one gets suicidal unless he finds no way out buh suicide is not the solution at all. its an act of cowardice !
  11. nice song, isnt it? meetho !! thanks to Pranita for putting those words together. ps. does anyone have songs from samjhana movie?
  12. m not any near to stockholm ! buh you can often find me here in forum, this time around. do visit forum regularly. u ll find me and many here to share a thing or two with you. you wont feel any lonely ! post on !
  13. who does not need love n care? not generalizing, i have always wanted someone who wud love me n care bout me the most. someone to whom i wud mean more than the world, coz i wud be seeing my world in her. everyone loves the feeling of being loved. no one can argue on that.
  14. welcome to this planet? we are living on only one planet. is he coming frm the space? just kidding ! @punj33, which course did u apply for?
  15. i hav always followed my passion, everything that has interested me. when it comes to making a decision, the first thing to consider, is to listen to urself, find what ur interests are, n what you are good at. u may say how can you be sure if this is the field u want to go for ! interest can grow after a period of time. whn you have made ur decision and you hav to stick to it, u ll grow interest for that field. but it can never match up to the natural interest, or ur enthusiasm for the subject that comes from inside. decisions can sometime be affected. u see someone so successful, say a doctor, or a lawyer, or an engineer. n you see yourself in them. its not that bad. coz you have realised what you want to be. money affects most of the decisions. u have to make sure if ur family can afford it for you. u are old enough to be this responsible. you simply can not argue coz its the only thing you want to do. compromises have to made. make ur decision, be it ur own decision, or an affected one. but once u make one, do everything u can to make it THE right decision. go for it. rest everything should fall in their right places. have patience. success is not from what you do, its more from how you do, n how good you are at it.
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