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  1. i liked the article, but can u pls continue it or at least if u have compiled or have a reference, pls add the link to this post? good job DX
  2. nice discussion abt diet and other heath-related problems in nepal. well, what abt the CATERACT? though this post is quite old now, but it is still the number one cause of treatable cause of blindness in nepal. Vision 2020 is a wonderful project initiated by WHO and being implemented to counter its prevalence. i do agree with Dr Sunil abt its OR being low and the relation with bio-mass fuel is min, but considering the high prevalence of cataract in nepal (also in other countries, even in developed nations!!), we have to act for it. the simplest yet an effective way is to spread the message that it is treatable and a person can see clearly after the simple single-day surgerical procedure. Phecoemulsification is an excellent technique being used widely all over to minimise the complications of cataract surgey while being equally effective. u can learn abt vision2020 at www.v2020.org merci, DX
  3. i have found similar findings myself while observing ppl... so i believe it to some extent, though without evidence... DX
  4. yes, i agree that xenomed is a good forum and the fact that it was originally inspired by our forum is quite exciting!... but what it lacks is abt medical colleges and makeing aspiring students easy... cuz it is primarily meant for medical students and medical professionals (it does have sections in USMLE and PLAB though!), n not for aspiring students... appearantly from its contents. well, it is good for them , but that part has to be fulfilled... so y not jot down info for aspiring medical students here in our forum? think abt it n jot! merci, docteur
  5. well, it is us who can bring about a change in the education and other systems in nepal. so guys and gals of nepal, "we" are the one whom we have to look for! we are expected and even if no one inspires, we have to get inspired by ourselves and do someting gud for this nation (for humanity!)... docteurX
  6. thanks thakur, i checked the website n its gud! but why ning? merci, docteurX
  7. thanks distant_memory, i am aware of the difficult situation there, but there's more to it then what u jus said. i will update soon on this as well. c ya docX
  8. hey distant_memory, thanks for the reply. while i was in the uk, i was was aware of the depleting posts in the NHS... and the situation i snow even detoriating. well, i will take ur suggestion into consideration and amend accordingly. in the meanwhile, i want other members' suggestions too for this. the purpose a new sub-forum regarding medical studies in the UK in wnso site is 1. to provide comprehensive information to students and aspiring students in medical field and the situation and process in the UK, both to study and to work... it also includes nursing students , which is a hot-cake in nepal rt now... 2. information and education is never adequate... so this sub-forum will just add to the ever-increasing happenings and updates in medical/nursing education field. how do u find my idea. pls reply requesting everybody to reply... anything in this regards. merci beaucoup, doctorX
  9. Hey thanks Rainka_Shivani, Actually, I am very interested in making this better and working it out. One big problem is that I have already arrived Nepal from UK and the internet speed is killing me (very very slow!). I am barely having much time to check mails and discuss in chautari now along with the hospital here! Till now, I have thought of few points to create a medical sub-forum here. The sub-forum will have threads viz: 1. a thread for aspiring medical students 2. one for medical students in nepal, who want to do post graduate in the UK 3. if you want to be a doctor from a british university 4. special visa process and requirements for medical students for the Uk 5. considering US too! 6. common problems discussions here! and many more, but only useful ones! the few i have listed above as just a crude idea, and need a lot of polish many more topics are to be collected before officially opening up a medical forum, esp for students! i am also going to the British Council in Nepal for info for nepalese students. i have found many interesting materials abt PLAB there! please add to this list, as i do not want to be the only one pushing this idea... this will only work if you guys cooperate with me... for now, u can tell me what stuffs u want to see in a sub-forum for students regarding medical education and further studies? this will be of great help. i also have a small request to make... and this one is for literally everyone! if only u guys can make this thread a bit more productive by not discussing your jokes here... wonderful! i do not intend to offend anyone, but WNSO chautari has a lot of space for fun and general talks... i'd like to refer all other talks to there! pls don't mind... merci! DocteurX Kathmandu Medical College NEPAL
  10. so anyone actually carrying out any research activities presently? pls let us know here... it can be interesting for us, as well as we could suggest some accessories to add up! and of course, critical comments always help a genuine study work! merci beaucoup docteurX
  11. oui. nice piece of info! merci! i think similar studies in the rivers of kathmandu can also be done. i am sure we still have many fishes left in the river despite the heavy contamination into them each day! and any appropriate suggestions posted here could actually help to make the situation better! pls comment DocteurX
  12. hello everyone, well, let me thank you for all the creative comments that have come up till now. i am working on a sub-forum for WNSO for medical stuffs. i think WNSO being a very helpful site for education, medical education and topics related to how to approach for medical education in the UK, and tips and useful links for already-medical graduates overseas wanting to come to the UK would be a good start. I ahven't completed my ongoing-slow-homework for the sub-forum, but i will post it here or send it to Bhart dai, who is directly involved in this forum, when i have got considerable amt of info and suggestions. Please comment. Merci beaucoup. DocteurX
  13. ya i completely agree to this... but with time, many unwanted files may b uploaded so admin has to keep an eye one this... amber! no offence, but i think this is a forum/thread about research and not about social service and charity... i don't want to be harsh, but u can start a new thread abt charity and social service in WHSO chautari! WNSo itself is doing so much of it, so u can discuss it in other places inside chautari too, isn't it? i just posted this comment to let this thread be purely abt reserch, and not charity... sorry if i offended you, didn't mean to... Merci! DocteurX Royal South Hants Hospital Southampton General Hospital UK
  14. Dear all, I love the book published by the WHO, official health agency of the UN, about health research methodology, which u can find below: http://www.wpro.who.int/publications/pub_929061157X.htm I am sure u will find it interesting and useful. This is a health-related file, so might not be suitable for everyone. Please filter yourself. Merci beaucoup! DocteurX Royal South Hants Hospital Southampton General Hospital UK
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