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  1. in our college, the cyberoam server keeps blocking the sites. so we are unable to use facebook, or anything there must be ideas by which we can overcome it can anyone share it with me i am desperate
  2. placement !! i've just a week left to finish my 1st year life is just great here many nepalis so no probs ..'m in nit surat
  3. i think its not good to speculate fromt this forum B. TECH in india is B.E in Nepal for BCA banagalore sounds good BIT no idea for that... but, BTECH from india really has a good market ..but the thing is choosing some good colleges.
  4. now its been a year that i've come here but seems that the thread is dead now
  5. actually my name is punj i am studying in svnit, surat gujarat i am persuing engineering in electronics
  6. actually my name is punj i am studying in svnit, surat gujarat i am persuing engineering in electronics
  7. I was also in sir ballabbhai college for 2 months before i went to dhaka is it the same college u r in? ya i'm in same college in the school i was in class 10"A" so, section A to be precise it was a notable class loved the time especially the cricket in class 9 when we used to play cricket out of the paper ball and the bat used to be of the desk (just the broken part of it). so , any bulb hardly lasted for 2 days fun, class 10 ma padhiyo matrai loved the school still love it
  8. how are u actuallly selected? i heard that a lot of sources and forces are required for this BBA process one of my friends is in a real dilemma to totally rely on it or not
  9. i'm from the same school passed out in 2004 AD now i'm in NIT Surat we had no principal our principal then never used to come school
  10. OKS I'm here in Surat, Gujrat Hope to be in contact with all Nepalese in India
  11. Hi, I am not exactly in India, but I passed Indian Embassy results. So , chances that I become the student studying in India btw, whats the chance that i get my desired branch ??
  12. I think you should study 2 years Masters from here and take another degree from here. I dont recommend UG there.Well it may have its pros and cons, but cons may overhaul the pros. If you can transfer your credit, thats fine.
  13. dear admin. i've been searching for the thread of students studying in india but cant find can u locate me plz
  14. For studies in India, its way good for engineering and MBBS. But the thing is you need to enroll in the universities via the competitive exams not self finance. I don’t think there are that good colleges under self-finance. For engg. IIT may be far-fetched (its great if you can), so the best platform is Indian Embassy Exam. To get to good colleges like NITs, you either need to appear in AIEEE (which is only for Indian nationals), or you can get directly into NIT here from Nepal, if you pass the test. So if you are in 11,start studying from early 12 by buying books, if you are in 12,may be little late by now,but just give a try. I’ve met so many people, with their parents having dual nationalities (father=Indian, mother=Nepali), who took their test from Ind. Embassy on Satuday and flew back to Delhi to take their AIEEE on Suday. Indian Embassy is same for MBBS too. I think they take the students to BHU, AIIMS (I am not totally sure !!). And those colleges are dream colleges for any student.
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