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  1. oo mr. yadav what can i say abt this.. he truely deserved the best volunter .. for WNSO. he ve done alot 4 . . he justify the award by being the best....
  2. freck I don't think so .we must appreciate WNSO-NEPAL for its continous effort .rumurs in NEpal ?? Yo des ma afu le kehi garna nasakne le kaha katikhera orkako kura katna paincha bhanera baseka hunchha ? typical Neali ko bani tapai lai thaha nai chha ni. Hami aba yo mansikata bata tadha rahanu parchha.how did you explain rumours? NO doubt wnso is doing gereat and I strongly believe doing fair.
  3. As for I know ,It's free of cost and all the interested students from Nepal are requested to attend the Internation Youth day celebratation & Scholarship announcement programme.dude I will also attend and hope to meet you there. sures
  4. stay away from hacking people’s privacy or you will cry rest of your life on what you have done. hanging around this place means you guys are still young and have to go long way. hacking is not a big deal because one can do it very easily (i did that when i was a boy) but the problem is there are thousands smart hand who will track down you easily and send you to hell
  5. Hacking or breaking into a computer to view or steal protected information will not resolve anything and will only cause additional issues, such as being fined and/or sent to prison. If you're interested in hacking and/or computer security, instead of trying to break into someone else's computer, you should consider learning an alternative operating system such as Linux, setup and learn more about computer networks, read security bulletins, read security advisories, and learn more about programming languages and how to program. If you continue to have the urge to try your hands at hacking after setting up your own network, you can experiment with hacking by trying to gain access to other computers on your network without having to fear getting in trouble with law enforcement
  6. Prashanta Tamang is back with his outstanding performance yesterday our nepali boy prasant tamnang did a fabulous job in indian idon, he sang the best ever in the programme .. all the judges gave him the ever best comment .. every one appreciate his "alap" singing n every one just enjoyed it.. guys n gals ,let's hope he could be the next indian idol..cheerss n pray for him...best of luck .Nepalese form India n UK , please don't stop voting ...
  7. I too had gone through wnos chat .but it does not go properly.I thing something is worng in this regards have you ever tried before? wnso chat will be another platform for all wnso membr to share ideas .cheers.
  8. Posted By:Khem Raj Bhattarai Posted On:22/07/2007 Hello Anu Malik, Wat do u think yourself don't be oversmart. Now days ur just only Performance Viewer ur not Judge. Judge is whole Public, U should have to agree with Public wants. Another Things Mr. Malik ur Miss behave with Prasant we don;t like this. and don;t try to touch Personal life of any. I Hope Web Administrator Pass it to Indian Idol Show . source : indian idol official website comment box. Hello udit , If you can't trust yourlsef ,leave the room.
  9. Yadav jee ko ghajal ta sarai ramro raicha eng sap le ni ghajal lekhene hai chha ... :D :D :D
  10. Thanks I am also very much interested with wnso webmail. Dear friends ,take one for you & be proud to be Nepali Student ... My preferred email address is insanerahul@wnso.org please create one for me. Thank you .
  11. Hello everybody..... I am a student of BE in a private college in kathmandu .I came to know that my college is not recognised with Nepel Engineering Council permanently .Does it take any problem ? Do u hav any idea about it? I hope I will get lot of help from wnso members. thank you . insane rahul Kathmandu
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