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  1. Ramro chha, naya pan chha . Kasale gareko ramro kam lie advantage lina khojeko bhanna mildaina.Kasaiko lagi worst flim huna sakchha but i'm confident that this will be best film for many.
  2. Firstly thank u for raising this topic.As it's a student organisation, it is very much essential to build a library here.I am ready to contribute my efforts as far as i can and take hope of similar help from others.
  3. ke ho tilak ji,, Nikai hattar chha jasto chha ni. Presedent ko lagi vacancy khuleko chha re ni ki timi hami pani..............jane ki ?? hahaha Ds jee, maile dabi ta gardina tara jimbebari diye pura garchu.. ha ha
  4. Jo bhayepani chito hunuparo.Yo gutbandi ko hoina sahamatiko politics hunuparcha.aba ta ati late bhayo.Yesto tarikale ta 10 barsa ma pani hamro sambidhan bandaina hola.
  5. Oae kool, b cool n do enjoy ur life . nice to see in forum n keep it up la.
  6. Anyone nationalist,republican n qualified nepali citizen having no political image should be the first ceromonial president . But these greedy dogs of parties r fighting to each other n r becoming barier to form the new gov.
  7. Intresting and informative too..keep it up.
  8. tluck_y

    Bad Luck

    bye byeBad Luck means ,,,,T luck
  9. Entertaining programme, also helphul for fund raising . I am eager to be there soon.
  10. especially these 'LOLAS' are the Goli of Holi,making too much prob. while walking on the road.I think everybody are aware abt its negative impact but not likely to change the monkey behaviour,so if it is not possible to stop it morally legal action should be taken specially the days before holi.This festival is being celebrated two weeks before holi, longer than that of Dashain.
  11. tluck_y


    rgnyawali j! Really nice to hear form you . agreed with prasad jee . Please contact admin or Bharat sir for further detail . I think Nabin shakya,Bijita are also form sweden , you also can contact them for coordination .
  12. Mthapa j! Nice poem ! Hope more will come from you . Have a great time . Thanks Tluck
  14. SMS DIARY.. What makes some people Dearer? It's not just the happiness that u feel when u meet them but the pain u feel, when u miss them. Miss U • Close ur eyes..., Relax ur body and stop breathing as long as U can. Now breath... I miss u as much as u missed the air. • Near ones are not dear, dear ones are not near, it is easy to remember the near ones, but very difficult to forget the dear ones. Missing You. • Don't forget that someone somewhere is wishing for ur happiness on every falling star. Missing You! • Every tear is a sign of brokeness, every silence is a sign of lonliness, every smile is a sign of kindness, every sms is a sign of remembrance • I drink to make other people interesting • Lessons of life: Learn 2 care, learn 2 smile, learn 2 cry, learn 2 give, learn 2 4give, learn 2 share, learn 2 trust, n learn 2 luv & learn 2 say: U Miss me! • Aapko milne ko man kar raha tha, man ko samjhaya to dil tadapane laga, dil ko bahelaya to ankhein ro padi, unhe chup karaya to saansein bol padi... I miss U • Sometimes, I forget to say hi, Sometimes, I even miss to reply, Sometimes, my msg doesn't reach u, But, it doesn't mean that I forget u, I’m just giving u time to miss me! • Never luk for a Gud Face, it'll turn old one day; Never luk for a Gud Skin, it'll wrinkle one day; But luk for a loyal heart, that'll miss u every day.
  15. Hello Shyam sir, I am from SYANGJA.
  16. "Dashain " the greatest festival , has its unique religious n traditional value but the way of celeberiting is quite different than moral aspect. Killing of innocent animals in the name of sacrifice n having unnecessary expenditure are its negative aspects. Due to the showy character of some rich named people the poors are compiled to celebrate it even by taking loan. So this valuable dashain is being dasha for them.
  17. Nice explanation litrature justified by science!!
  18. hello all Prashant Tamang lai Indian idol Banauna ma Nepali community ko Matrai hat chhaina .Delhi Pani Prashanta lai nai Indian idol banauna lagi pareko thiyo .Soniya le idols lai bhentu ko karan pani tehi ho.actually Delhi le Darjeeling /Sikkim lagayet haru lai MULDHAR ma launa ra tiniharu lai pani afu indian citizen hunu ma garva feel garaunu thiyo.
  19. Bharat sir ,I still have java problem with Fast reply.Error message appears and No reply box appears.
  20. Internet facility should be provided to school student. today,Internet is the base of every research/knowledge.so no one can prevent them with these facility.however, parents should be aware of them that what exactly are they doing in computer .Everything have a positive and a Negative aspects why to divert our mind toward negative aspect only? no doubt students must be allowed to surf internet so that they can get more and more information they repuired.
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