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  1. Thirdpole, thats very true, but still i was earning, studying and living for myself when i am here. and remember i am going to nepal for 9 months and I will be living(spending) there without working (without getting paid i mean). i am not worried but just trying to be little organised, not to panic later as I have to provide with this information to my girl as well...
  2. thank you very much kaukuti for the detailed information. So, as yu say its hard to get such a flat; do you know any real estate that deals with rentals in ktm?
  3. hi, time passes so easily. its been 7 years I have left Nepal... finally this summer me and my girl fren (swedish) are coming to nepal to work with development organisations as our internship to finish our masters in development studies.. since its been a long time i left nepal and also i am not originally from ktm, i wud like to ask a few questions, and wud be very happy to get the answers by the frens frm wnso nepal specially, and even others who has idea.... * how much wud be monthly rent; considering a semi-luxurious full furnished 1 bed room flat/apartment somewhere not very far from the central kathmandu? * how much is the monthly fuel charges (average) if i intend to buy a motorbike(i definately need one ) * how expensive are meals these days, in mid class restaurants ( eg,bakery cafe)? thanking you
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