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  1. dashain is near so i think it would be better to greet all the people frm now. so "HAPPY BIJAYA DASHAMI".... mero chahi yes pali ko dashain bore huney bhayo coz i m not with my parents but i think i will be coping up the situation by celebrating my first X-MAS in UK. hope this dashain flourish happiness in all nepalese people's life. pheri mero tarfa bata sabai nepali daju bhai didi bhani haru ko lagi bijaya dashami ko dherai dherai subhakamana ra i hope this dashain will bring peace in our country.......
  2. jaba samma nepal ma "I" jasto thito le mantri pad thamdaina taba samma yo nepal des tyestai rahancha jasto malai lagchha.... ki kaso?????
  3. every country has its own teaching and learning system. according to my personal experiences, i got that our country's education system is based on theoritical and is also abstract but in UK it is different. actually in nepal we used to limit ourself in what the teacher teaches us but in UK their is broad education and we have to search everything ourself. i think self-acknowledging is better than abstract.....
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