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  1. These are real words! CLINCHPOOPER: Someone who is a complete slob. WISTERPOOPER: A slap along side the head. THENAN: The palm of the hand. So...If your kid is a CLINCHPOOPER, you should WISTERPOOPER them with your THENAN! LOL!
  2. here is another one of the technologies of then and now: On the left is a Bosch transportable phone. It’s from the end of the 80’s and weighs 5.2 kg - 11.5 pounds and has the following dimensions height: 26cm width: 23cm depth: 12cm. To the right is one of the smallest mobile phones of today - the Motorola RAZR V3 - weighing in at 95 grams (3.35 ounces). That means that you can carry around with a plastic bag containing 54 RAZRs instead of one Bosch SE OF7. And if we look into specifications the old brick phone can’t match anything…!
  3. While surfing through the net, I came across a blog by Bhuvana Sundaramoorthy that had these interview questions. Hope these will be useful as well. 1. Tell me about yourself: The most often asked question in interviews. You need to have a short statement prepared in your mind. Be careful that it does not sound rehearsed. Limit it to work-related items unless instructed otherwise. Talk about things you have done and jobs you have held that relate to the position you are interviewing for. Start with the item farthest back and work up to the present. 2. Why did you leave your last job? Stay positive regardless of the circumstances. Never refer to a major problem with management and never speak ill of supervisors, co-workers or the organization. If you do, you will be the one looking bad. Keep smiling and talk about leaving for a positive reason such as an opportunity, a chance to do something special or other forward-looking reasons. 3. What experience do you have in this field? Speak about specifics that relate to the position you are applying for. If you do not have specific experience, get as close as you can. 4. Do you consider yourself successful? You should always answer yes and briefly explain why. A good explanation is that you have set goals, and you have met some and are on track to achieve the others. 5. What do you know about this organization? This question is one reason to do some research on the organization before the interview. Find out where they have been and where they are going. What are the current issues and who are the major players? 6. Why do you want to work for this organization? This may take some thought and certainly, should be based on the research you have done on the organization. Sincerity is extremely important here and will easily be sensed. Relate it to your long-term career goals. 7. Why should we hire you? Point out how your assets meet what the organization needs. Do not mention any other candidates to make a comparison. 8. Tell me about your dream job. Stay away from a specific job. You cannot win. If you say the job you are contending for is it, you strain credibility. If you say another job is it, you plant the suspicion that you will be dissatisfied with this position if hired. The best is to stay genetic and say something like: A job where I love the work, like the people, can contribute and can’t wait to get to work. 9. Why do you think you would do well at this job? Give several reasons and include skills, experience and interest. 10. Do you have any questions for me? Always have some questions prepared. Questions prepared where you will be an asset to the organization are good. How soon will I be able to be productive? and What type of projects will I be able to assist on? are examples.
  4. Hi this is Smriti. I received the scholarship for Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies thru WNSO. I would like to thank u all for your warm wishes and good lucks.
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