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  1. maile pani, hale VOTE. Voted FOR, no secrecy. VOTING ko practice ahile dekhi nai garau hai sathi haru kinaki deshi-videshi sabai lai paincha re yaspatak vote halna CA poll ma
  2. Chetna

    Girija said

    Girija, the PM of Republic of Nepal, said a couple of days ago that Gyanendra and Prasas should learn in time and step down from. Then, only there can be some respect and room for them otherwise, RUPUBLIC is no more subject of discussion. They are helping to come republic earlier than expected.
  3. i donnu about reasonable prices, but there fancy shopping malls where there you can see long and long queue and big crowd every evening. Nepal has changed a lot in shopping and eating for last some years in my personal view. some of them to know for shopping 1. Saleways - Jawalakhel(quality, i like, but too expensive for nepalese in nepal) 2. Bhatbhateni Supermarket - Bhatbhatani, Baluwatar (marginal price) 3. Kathmandu Mall - Sundhara ( in good location) 4. Share market Building - Putalisadak ( There is ROOT Fashion store for SHOES) 5. some stores in Dubar Marg(expensive, but branded) 6. pashupati plaza for ordinary ppl (cheaper than other place, but know bargain) 7. NBDS(new Baneshwor departmental store) 8. Namaste Dept. Store....(Pulchowk) 9. Gemini, Boudtha some are under construction in Tripureshwor, Russian Culture Building Agadhi)
  4. Chetna

    Accidents - Durghatana

    It's not just TRAFFIC, we need NOT MONEY(in AID), we need brain cleansing.
  5. It's like Probability. If there is PEACE, there are chances of growth in every sector, but there is no PEACE , there is ZERO probability. Now, take the mean as your wish. That is what I am talking. PEACE is that. Equation you provided is right. x=y => y=x (It should be read as "x equal y implies that y is also equal to x) . isn't it?
  6. Chetna

    Accidents - Durghatana

    no i was just joking there since you talked about AID. i don't spot any deletrious on getting assistance. We can go out for education, we can send our OFFICER to get trained out and, then WHAT IS fallacious getting FOREIGNERS here to train them?
  7. Chetna

    Accidents - Durghatana

    sorry, i missed "U" there. It should be "FOREIGN EDU".
  8. i disagree with both you. one says BUMPY boom and give reason to peace. See BUMPY peace and way out is SENDING VIDESH to king. But, i don't think it's only the solution and can solve the problem. for me, we just need PEACE. no need to send any one anywhere or no need to PLACE someone somewhere. THE DEVELOPMENT will be there automatically if PEACE is there. FOR EM (ME), sometime we say Family Name first and calling name(sometime opposite). how can you say INDIANs are just a backpackers? you mean backpackers don't ride/don't eat/don't fly or don't sleep? I think most of tourists who go Nepal have small budgets. FOR LONG RUN, it can help.
  9. Chetna

    Accidents - Durghatana

    where are you, EM? i think you're also not in nepal. that means you're also foreign ED. sorry if i m wrong
  10. wow, what a combination of color. are you web designer, mr A_K? keep the pace
  11. read "Fractal Everywhere" book
  12. thank you very much C_B. i will talk with my parents and come to you if need further information or find myself visiting their websites thank once more
  13. FIRE FIRE in PAKis and Afris room. JUMP, KNOCK, SMOKE all over BACHAU BACHAU !!!! no singles, no twos, no threee or no fours, JUST sixes
  14. Chetna

    Accidents - Durghatana

    no mechanism to control all these, C_B. but I had heard a BABA from Japan who had controlled a little bit, why not invite him again?
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