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  1. is there any such place where we can share music, films, etc? like torrent etc?
  2. i know they used to 'ave nepaltorrent.com but is there any other nepali torrent site?
  3. for some reason i can't edit it. admin plz del it... lesson learned
  4. miss me? miss me? come on baby kiss me Been a while, how are ya doing?
  5. http://www.freewebs.com/gurkhalipride/ comments and visitors WELCOME
  6. can anyone please find this for me...in either language....Nepali or English. Thanks.
  7. i am senior at highschool n we are going to graduate by june....september is way far . beside i currently live in US...n i suppose this scholarship is only for those living in UK. btw, good news is...i have managed to cut off majority of money out of 22,000 only through grant and scholarship....need about 3000 more i dont wanna pay....i love free stuff
  8. Google plans to make entire O/S for free n MS has been highly troubled. They have proved it through Google Doc and Spreadsheet. You can access it from your gmail account as well, isnt that great? we all know, google has always been the most dominant search engine. Google Earth is amazing. friends, ever tried to see Nepal on google earth??? you can actually see Kathmandu preety well...i am from western part of Nepal...Dhanghadhi and i could even distunguish my preety lil house...took a while though. Google's greatness does not stop here, before gmail, yahoo and hotmail were only proving 2 n 4 MB space for free email but after gmail...they were forced to provide 240 MB (hotmail, in beta it's 2 GB), 1 GB (yahoo, in beta its 2 GB). but still gmail is just extraordinary with conuting on storage size, labels, quick search, best spam filter etc isnt it? not only that, recently they are planning to buy youtube.com n they will soon be awarding 'best' videos on the site there are lot many other amazing things google brought us for FREE as gtalk (its k), picasa etc but now google reaches peak with new package... "Google Apps" Communicate... Give your users Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Talk accounts that use your own custom domain, helping them to stay connected and work together more effectively. Collaborate and publish... Docs & Spreadsheets lets users share files and collaborate in real-time. The Start Page is the first place your users will look to preview their inboxes and calendars, access your essential content, and search the web. ...and get on with business. It's all hosted by Google, so there's no hardware or software to install or download, and minimal setup and maintenance. You can get up and running quickly, even if you don't have technical resources. New! Try Google Apps Premier Edition for free through April 30th, 2007. you can sign up for Premier (if u want to try) but u need to provide em credit card info. However, if u are not intrested u can cancel it before April 30th and u wont be charged isnt that free??? till deadline + i think it provides u with 10 GB of free space for gmail CHEERS FOR GOOGLE
  9. let us put all of them together here...
  10. to all gamers...try warrock.net its free n worths it
  11. thanks bro n welcome to WNSO forum
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