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  1. Nepali guy reached to final in a worldwide photo competition organized by American Government and let's support him by voting him. Please vote yourself and request everyone to vote. Voting ends this Thursday (August 26 ,2010) so please hurry up. Nepali photo: http://picasaweb.google.com/democracyphotochallenge/DemocracyPhotoChallengeFinalists#5506839648064302738 Official american government website for this competition. http://www.democracyphotochallenge.america.gov/ ---Extract---- Nepali Photo has made it to the final round of the Democracy Photo Challenge 2010! Please vote and make a winner. http://picasaweb.google.com/democracyphotochallenge/DemocracyPhotoChallengeFinalists#5506839648064302738 To vote, please sign in using google account and click on 'Like This' button. Image caption reads 'Nepal. Democracy is ... still learning' and the image has 'D for Democracy' written. Voting time is limited until August 26th, 2010. So hurry up! Please spread to as many as possible. Many Many congratulations and let's hope and make Nepali photo a big Winner. Thank you all, ----End of Extract --- Thank you and let's hope Nepali guy wins the competition !!! Regards, Amit
  2. Hi, I am looking for a room near Liverpool Street Station. My office is 5 mins. walk from station so wondering if any of you have or know the availability of a room near station. Thanks,
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