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  1. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf#!/photo.php?pid=168725&id=100001223482148&fbid=130137917036990&ref=nf
  2. http://www.gmb.org.uk/newsroom/latest_news/593_national_minimum_wage.aspx
  3. http://niceboots.littlewoods.com/competition
  4. http://apps.facebook.com/studentgrants/awards.php
  5. Kumud


    Dear all my friends, thanks for vote me NEXT MODEL COMPETETION 2010 (U.K).I have selected in top 52 final from 7872 contestants .Here is my link http://www.facebook.com/nextonline?v=app_127684747252845#!/nextonline?v=app_127684747252845&ref=ts
  6. Dear friends Please vote for me, for the NEXT MODEL COMPETETION 2010. There are already 6480 contestants. so far I'm still on top 100, we only got 1 week left to vote, Finally top 100 models can be selected for the Uk next model competition. I'm the only one contestant from Nepal, so please vote for your nepalese brother. To vote for me first you have to click this link: http://apps.facebook.com/modelcomp/gallery/show_entry/28543?auth_token=68b2695e44295c7e9e9e26f01e9e6dc3 , Then click on “VOTE FOR ME” Then type your email address, then it will ask entrants name any letters between 1 to 5. My entrant name is KUMUD. So If it ask first letter then you have to type k, if it ask 2nd letter type u, if ask it 3rd letter type m, if it ask 4th letter type u and if it ask 5th letter then type d. Hoping to get full support form all of you nepalese brother, sister and friends. your one vote can make me winner for the next model 2010 uk. I'll be always remain greatful for all of your help & support. Best regards KUMUD
  7. Dear Friends Wish you all very happy & prosperous Nepali New Year 2065. Regards Kumud
  8. Dear friends I wish you all merry christmas and very happy new year 2008 ! regards Kumud
  9. Dear Friends, I am back to wnso with my new modelling 2007 UK photo links, thank you wnso for leting me share it overhere and thanks to all my friends who posted comments on my previous model photos and hope to hear from you all more.. here is the weblink where you can view my new model photos: http://www.nepalarab.com/model/kumud.php http://kumudpant.people2view.co.uk/ http://kumud2008.hi5.com Thanks again, Yours Kumud
  10. http://www.nepalarab.com/model/kumud.php http://kumud2008.hi5.com
  11. Kumud

    Sundar Pandey

    sundra ji thanks for bye bye
  12. Kumud


    half looks dogs and half looks woman . never seen before. by the way shima ji where did you got it and thanks
  13. its really nice photo . thanks for sending amrita ji
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