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  1. Dear all, As someone who has a lot of experience with Nepalis coming to the UK to study, I have the following advice: 80% of Nepalis go to poor-quality private colleges. The UK is opposite to Nepal: government universities are the best, and no British people will ever go to a private college. You can immediately tell whether the college/univerity you are looking at is private; it is a "real" uni, it will have a domain name .ac.uk. If it a private college, it will not be that, it will be something like .co.uk or .com There may be a possibility that some private colleges are better than others, but in my experience of meeting many Nepalis that have been to them, and having been inside some myself, they seem very poor in quality and resources and I would always advise Nepalis to "try before you buy". Most private colleges seem to be run by foreigners and are purely there to permit foreign people who wish to come to the UK to work. I have seen some which teach entirely in Hindi, because 100% of students are from South Asia. The qualifications given by these private colleges are virtually useless. Most work places will never have heard of the college, and most British people will look at them as fake. Always check that the private college will give you a legitimate qualification. Some partner with legitimate universities to give real qualifications. A new trick in London appears to be colleges telling students, often those here to do MBAs etc., that they can do the MBA (which is a legitimate qualification awarded from a real university), but when the student arrives in the UK, the college tells them that "actually your Nepali qualification is not good enough, so we cannot submit you for the exam". It is also vital for Nepalis to understand that Nepali 10+2 is not recognised in most UK universities. Therefore, Nepalis that come here with that, or sometime with Bachelors qualifications, will not be allowed into British universities until they take what is called a "foundation degree" for 1 year. There are some Nepalis here in the UK in "real" universities. In my experience however, most of them have done a degree in a Nepali uni (TU etc.) and then come here to do either Masters or PhD. This is better because a Masters is also cheaper, and only takes one year, so a Nepali student gets much more "value for money". I would also just finish on costings. A real university will cost between £7000 and £12000 per year in fees. Each degree course is three years. The total therefore will be £21000+ (or 25 lakhs nepali). Private colleges will be around £5000 per year. Nepalis can find accommodation in big Nepali houses, where they can rent a room for £250 per month. These rooms are cheap (the average British person will pay £600-1000 per month) but you pay for the poor quality! I have a good friend who lives in these, and he is only allowed to shower 1-2 times per week. They are also given certain times to cook. On top of this, you will need money for transport (maybe £15 per week) and money for food (£20 per week for bad diet). This is not meant to be negative about all private colleges, but rather some basic findings about them in general. If you require more help, buzz me and i will try to reply.
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