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  1. Try Hampstead park ... you can see a good view of London from there. Beautiful ponds with fishes, lots of vegetation and vast area makes it one of the beautiful parks in London. I used to go fly Kite there while I was a university student back in 2003.
  2. My God... haven't been to this Chautari since past year and half... and you are still taking my name here... Just logged on to Chautari out of blue moon and why I had to end up with this page?
  3. Valuable information for people who are interested in flying. Thanks for sharing. Yunush.
  4. lOVE is mutual understanding, commitment, care, forgiveness, compromise, compassion & an element of possessiveness is also there. It is because of commitment that he & she says '' I will do anything for you'' ; yeah Love IS not always without self interest, when he or she is in love, he or she would expect certain things out of you, if a girl is in love with you she would expect you to call her, make her feel good about herself, is interested what you do/did, eat, drink, went, your friends, life about every damn thing about your life and you do in your life. The MOMENT you don't get yourself updated to her there is bound to get something wrong, QUARREL as you have put it in your words. If you expect LOVE from her give her time and not to other people. Be faithful to her and not only faithful when you need her. What a girl can possible think if you go spend your night with some other person and don't call her or whatever? That is why she doesn't want to keep any contact with you. LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS can be meaningful as long as you keep yourself updated, keep clear communication of your wants/ needs and commitment, be faithful and GIVE HER LOTS AND LOTS OF TIME and Understand her TOP TO BOTTOM.
  5. The main Guarantee to get a VISA is to show your strong financial resource to fund your course. If you can show that you have got enough money to study and maintain yourself and good property and good life in Nepal there is no way they would get an impression that you will have to spend your life like a miserable twaat in the UK or seek asylum or use their funds. On top of showing reasonable amount of money you have to prove to them that you really want to study here not hang around & just to entertain yourself here. U can prove this by showing good academic achievement in previous years.
  6. Your statement is not too clear mate. Loving each day with whom? love with what? Quarrel in hardcore level meaning? Write in brief what happened and I would probably jot down few of my own experiences.
  7. Hi, I did ACCA, you can put fwd your questions if you have any.
  8. Hi, Can anyone help me out connecting to the internet using Bluetooth? My laptop has PCMCIA type II Bluetooth card and I am looking to connect to the internet on the move. In the connection panel the system is showing bluetooth modem/ adapter & when I try connecting it... it doesn't recognize that there is any presence of other bluetooth device (mobile phone). I rang up AOL for help but they said they don't KNOW about Bluetooth. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Some Nepalese students have (PR) because they are dependant of their parents who have lived in the U.K. for several years with Work Permit or who have acquired British Passport. There is no easy way to acquire PR though. One has to have work permit and should live in the UK for 5 yrs ?? with Work Permit to get PR & to get the work permit you need to convince your employer to apply one for one. Your employer too has to convince the Home Office that there are no other people from the European Union whom they can hire to do the job and they have to publish the job advert in the National Newspaper or recognized job websites. It's a vicious cycle hurdling to study in a cheaper way in University though. If you have any more queries regarding studies, PR .. do let me know. I hope this helps.
  10. QUOTE (distant_memory @ Feb 3 2004, 02:39 PM) to be considered a home student you need a permanant visa, and that too apparently isn't easy to acquire as you will need to have had your work permit for about 7 yrs. when applying via ucas form, they ask you whether you have stayed in the country for 3 yrs or more...that doesn't mean you are eligible as a home student. you are not allowed loans from the local LEA unless you have had your permanant visa for more than 3 yrs. hope that answers a few of your queries sachin. It's not Permanent VISA It's called Permanent Residency or PR for short. If a student has a PR and has lived in the U.K. with PR for three years prior to the start of Higher Education S/He is eligible for home fee status & can apply for student loan. PR meaning a person doesn't need VISA to stay in the UK and Immigration Regulation doesn't apply to him/her.
  11. Travelling to my house from your place return ticket by train £60 + lunch +bus and miscellaneous... would be more than 60 quid
  12. The only problem Norton Anti Virus can't resolve is to delete SPYBOTS.
  13. I am using Norton Internet Security 2004 for my USB based Broadband Modem and I haven't had any problems so far with intrusions. The system informs me and shows the location of IP if it tries to intrude my system using something called backdoor trojan horse?? but it blocks and informs me immediately. Also I am very satisfied with the SPAM detection functionality of Internet Security 2004, don't get even one junk mail & it knows automatically who is sending junk and who is not.
  14. While upgrading from Win ME to Win XP Pro I did have same sort of internet related problems because of driver incompatibility. If you are upgrading the system to XP from 98... u are making SUICIDE attempt. Lots of things will not work. Before upgrade the system will give you a list of applications and drivers and others which will be incompatible with WIN XP. My modem which was built for WIN ME did not work with XP Pro. And my broadband didn't work either. After a long hassle chasing the ntl tech support people (spending £1 per min*2 hour ) I was finally able to run my broadband internet. I was better off buying a new computer than fiddling with the WIN ME system. Was a waste of time, energy and brain.
  15. HI Ruby, If you are determined to do ACCA then you should opt in to do CAT or ACCA in kathmandu itself instead of wasting 2 years to do +2 after SLC. +2 will be just waste of time and you will not get any exemption for ACCA. If you complete your bachelors degree in ktm you will get upto 3 papers exemption from ACCA out of 14 papers. If you do CAT you will also get exemptions depending upon what level of CAT you've completed and your grades in CAT. You can do up to Intermediate papers of ACCA in kathmandu (this info. I've been given by one of my friends) and you need to complete the final papers of ACCA in UK itself. One more thing doing ACCA doesn't guarantee you a job. Job market is very competitive in the UK. Most employers seek accountants who have achieved ACCA qualificaton with over 60% marks and first time success without any retake. If you fail in any of the papers of ACCA there are little hopes to get a job. I hope this helps Yunush.
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