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  1. hi. that was really great and informative too. i thouroughly enjoyrd reading it. forgive me for my ignorance but it would have been even better if you could introduce "kulung" where are kulung from (which part of nepal) and so on. i look forward to read more articles on this topic.
  2. I recently had a horrible experience with one of the college in central london. My cousin came from Nepal registered in that college in hospitality course through an agent in Nepal. Because he was interested in hospitality course, the so called agent registered him in postgraduate hospitality course. The agony is that my cousin has not even finished his undergarduate. i was really shocked when he came here enrolled in that course. obiously he had no idea the course he was enrolled was actually postgraduate course. he just told the agent that he wants to do hospitality management. the agent even made him pay all the money upfront. so he did. but once he came here the college realised that he is not old enough to do that course. to tell you the truth they did not even knew that we had to tell them. so they said they will transfer him to another level. they did too but the course he was transferred was not hospitality but but finance. obviously we protested to that and they said wait till spetember. because he doesn't knew anything he used to go to college they just kept on saying next week next week. i really had with them. so i rang them, wanting to know whats happening and if this keeps on going we would have no alternative but to leave the college. i made my point clear to them but the person on the other end was such a pain in *** that he would not even want to listen to me saying that in september they will have proper course for him. but he has laready been here for 4 months and september means another 3 months without college really annoyed me. so i asked them to give our money back we will think of other alternative. guess what they didn't . if it was only thousand or two it would have been other thing but he paid four thousand pound just for nothing. my point is these so called independent colleges are ripping students. i really would like to warn all the students especially who are coming from nepal and paying money they should do their homework intensively before jumping into anything. we had bad experience, we do not want you guys to go through same situation. you really can't do anything against them as we are the underdog here and have to live here. Those agents in nepal should be penalised too. anyone who had had the same experience please feel free to share. XXXXX
  3. well to be specific i am doing bsc. hons in biomedical science from university college london(UCL). iam trying to find internship in london if possible. i would like to do it in hospital but if not i don't mind private laboratories too as long as it gets me credits towards registering me into HPC and IBMS. do ypu know anywhere??
  4. oh iam sorry i forgot to mentionwhere the place was. i It's in wembley london, united kingdom. And for those who doesn't have anyone, don't worry we will hook you up with some foxy ladies he eheee. how about that.
  5. hey guys, my friends are organising valentine's day party on 14th february 2007 in the fusilier in sudbury town. if you guys wanna have fun and treat your ladies be there. i think its going to be great party. call them on 02089037863 and speak to santosh. i heard they are giving discounts on early booking.
  6. dear all, i am in my penultimate year of my studies. i need to take one year internship next year. i have been looking around but it looks like its going to be pretty tough. if anyone out there are doing their internship or are already working as biomedical scientist, i would be garteful to get feed back from you. thanks
  7. thanks for very useful information vin22. i really appreciate it. He is really adamant about reapplying. he doesn't want to waste his time waiting for the decision which can swing anyway. But, i will let you guys know what happens. Again, thannk you all.
  8. first of all thanks to all of you for sharing things with me. basically, my brother showed him as being the only son, as he is my own brother they had my records so they asked him whether he had anyone in Uk and he said no but later on they showed him my documents and denied to give visa but the ciunsular did tell him to reapply again showing all my documents. He also gave him a reappeal form too. but we don't want to reappeal. i just wanted to know if somebody has been in the same situation what did they do when applying again?? what sort of documents they presented and my brother was also mentioning that when he asked the counsular that when can he applyagain he said he can apply anytime he wants. i was just suprised by that and truly he doen't have rejected stamp on the passport.
  9. well we are not thinking of appealing against the decision given. he wants to reapply again this Jnauary whatever the outcome. And about the "Inferirority" of students when applying for visa in my view is that their whole dreams relies on that small stamp which that consular gives. Esp. when you are young and full of hopes and dreams you start palnning ahead and on top of that all the pressure from family and friends makes it even worse if you fail to get a visa. So, obviously people wants to try hard and under that stress i think the whole process of inferior condition develops.
  10. dear bahart ji, thanks for the reply. yes, i think he could have told the truth but as i mentioned in the early post, some of my friends advised me to tell him that there is noone in uk. And i thought like they had experienced all these things so they better be right. didn't knew that this would happen. so, do you suggest that he better wait for few months before he reapply again? few more months means how long, if you could be bit precise, i would be grateful. Again, thanks
  11. dear all, i just need help from whoever has been in my brother's position. Well, the thing is that last week my brother applied for uk visa, but his visa got rejected because he told the councillor that none of his family memeber are in uk. Because i have been in UK, the councillor knew that he was not telling the truth. When i asked few of my nepalese friends prior to his interview, i was told that it is not good to tell the councillor that your family members are in uk. So, i told him not to tell that i was in UK. Since, his visa rejection he is pretty disappointed. he says, becauses they haven't stamped the "rejection" itself on his passport he can still apply?? If he can apply what reallly does he needs to do?? anyone with any experience regarding this matter, please help. it would be really appreciated.
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