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  1. Mero kunai samasya chhaina hajur! Mero jivan ko Gaadi ekdam thik-thak chha.
  2. Good collection of Nepali songs, thank you!
  3. I always prefer Yoga in the early morning. Yoga is a good exercise, indeed. Health and Yoga has brought out various yoga exercise plans best suited to everyone. And yoga has postures and breathing techniques for almost all diseases, health disorders, allergies, pains and more......!!
  4. Chauhan ji: What are the people of Nepal called? Jhilke ji: I don't know. Chauhan ji: They are called Nepalese. Now what are the people of India called? Jhilke ji: They are called Indianese.
  5. Ek patak Lalupate ji Sirupate ji ko ghar maa janu bhayo ra Sirupate ji ko dhoka knock garnu bhayo. Sirupate ji: Ko ho, ha? Lalupate ji: Ma hu ma! Sirupate ji: Ma ko? Lalupate ji: Ta Sirupate!
  6. सिरुपाते जि : चौहान बिरादर ले आत्म हत्त्या गर्‍यो, झिल्के बिरादर ले आत्म हत्त्या गर्नु पर्‍यो । दुबै मा के फरक थियो ? लालुपाते जि: चौहान बिरादर पढे लेखेको बेरोजगार थियो, झिल्के बिरादर गृहस्थी वाला (शादिसुधा ) थियो ।
  7. Everything we do, that is invention. Best invention is; Making smile to other person. Khai kata gayab bhae Sirupate & Lalupate?
  8. दुल्हा ढुडने गई थी पर जितने भि मिले वह सब के सब लंगडे और बहरे थे। te...hehe सिर्फ लंगडे और बहरे.....? उनमे से कोइ अंधा नही था क्या ? Physical structure jasto bhae pani farak pardaina ho.......dil hernu parchha dil..dil dil..!! Aaie baat samajh mein?
  9. makardhoj

    New Sardarji Jokes

    Lalupate ji: Oye paa ji, apni pregnant wife ko itne dard mein hospital ki jagah pizza hut kyun leja raha hai? Sardarji: Kyun key pizza hut mein”Delivery Free” hai. Lalupate ji:
  10. 24 hrs ringtone bhaneko tei ho? एक दिन सिरुपाते जी र लालुपाते जी सँगै दिल्ली मा एक साथ बाटोमा घुम्दै हिंडी रहेको बेला सिरुपाते जी लाई समय कती भयो होला भनी जान्न मन लाग्यो र लालुपाते जी लाई समयको बारेमा सोध्नु भयो - सिरुपाते जी : ए लालुपाते बिरादर, अहिले तिम्रो बजे मा कती घडी छ ? लालुपाते जी : नौनेपौ ।
  11. aaj-kal ke dost log kitne kamine hain, nahin?
  12. If so then let's prepare that Balloon for next HOLLY. Ha ha koi baat nahin, days are yours. Go ahead. Rema ji, you are also friendly funny just like me.You made me To hamesha ghar mein bitha kar rakho na yar Again one more time.. Ram ji, maile tapaiko postlai 2 patak quote gare. Now you tell me that which one is good and suits on you!
  13. All are nice ! Friends, take your speed more.... A. Sirupate ji was standing on the top of a building, his watch fell down, but he went to take his watch only after ten minutes. You know why? His watch was ten minutes slow. B. Who is Opposite of SP? He is LP. What is the fullform of SP and LP? Friends, you find it.
  14. What does it mean? Authors le matrai post/reply garne ra arule garna napaune ho ki kya ho? Hoina hoina prabhu tyasto kehi pani hoina. Yo section ma lamo samay dekhi jhyamma jhumma gariraheka haruko naam tyasai ramailoko lagi as an Authors ma rakhi matr diyeko. Anyatha, yas topic ma jasle post-reply garda pani hunchha. La aba arko sunnus hai, BS: What should be in a book to make it a bestseller? GNOME: A girl on the cover and no cover on the girl.
  15. I listened. Thank you.. thank you. Tyahi nai ho.
  16. After Finishing MBBS, Dr. Sirupate Starts his practice on Lalupate. He 1st checks Lalupate's eyes, tongue & ears with a Torch & finally declares: Biradar.......... TORCH THEEK CHHA.
  17. What does Sirupate say to Lalupate? You know what? I find you 1/25 Tiger. ------------------------------- Sirupate said: Crime doesn't pay anymore. Lalupate: Does that mean my job is a crime? ------------------------------- What's the definition of Sirupate and Lalupate? Pahara ko Lalu chhaharama aayera Sirupate, Chhahara ko Siru Paharama gayera Lalupate.
  18. Breaking news: Sirupate is looking for women between the ages of 25 and 30 with 40 years of experience.
  19. makardhoj

    I love this doctor

    Good Philosophy of Life , and the way we live our lives . IF taking of tobacco for long time is injorious to health , one of the senoir citizen "I forget the names actually , he lived for more than 116 yers and he used to have Hukka "The traditional Nepali pot " for having tobaccovery intersting facts about life , Arko euta supporting point We have never heard Ant suffering from diabetics . Interesting facts , thank you Researcher makes research but here research made researcher CONCLUSION is funny.
  20. makardhoj

    Is this a joke?

    Hello auto board, I am in Nepal somewhere in boarder side not in India.
  21. In recent two years I used to sleep a lot. So now 15 Kg up. I love to sleep mostly.
  22. Title is A good suggestion to brotherhood Lalupate told Sirupate that if he ran 8 kms a day for 300 days, he would loose 34 kg. At the end of 300 days, Sirupate called Lalupate to inform he had lost the weight, but he had a problem. "What's the problem?" asked Lalupate. "I'm 2400 kms from home", said Sirupate.
  23. First final plateform for all Nepalese But I still sticky on Unifying Nepalese for better education
  24. Ha ha jao jao mitr aur achchhe se naha dhokar aana. Shampoo ke baad Ghode saboon use karna nahin bhulna.
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