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  1. Hi! I was very surprised to see that Nitesh brought this topic to public attention and I never noticed it. When I googled "saral nepali keyboard", the keyboard I every designed for the unicode typing considering various factors, I was excited to find this link here at WNSO.org. Thanks to Nitesh. The version 4 of the Saral Nepali Keyboard has already been implemented in GyaNeX online typing software. You can see it at http://www.iGya.com/ In this new version there were several updates made to release the special characters. Despite effort I could not release { [ }] ; ' " characters. But, others are now released and you can type without getting interfered by nepali keyboard. The "&" also was released and it becomes OM only when it is a lone character, because Om never comes with other characters in Sanskrit characters, so you can use & to create special characters. By release forward slash and backward slashes we can create escape sequence and write a function that handles escape characters as you type. There are some reshuffling of the position of characters after my personal experience with the earlier positions. What is good with Saral Nepali Keyboard is that you don't have to remember each barah khari' position. I tried to make as minimum as and very similar to Remington keyboard. Well, when I was in grade 8 at Chitwan Highschool, I learned typing and history of typewriters. I somewhat realized that we needed some easier way of typing Nepali in unicode. Thus, you can find an online software, named "GyaNeX", and I was dumb enough not being able to find some genious new name and ended up using my own name, apology for that, especially with those who are annoyed by such intrusion of personal name in a noble project.... K garne! Well, if you want to read articles that are based on preeti or most of the nepali TTF fonts, I have also presented a solution at http://www.iGya.com/preeti/ You can just copy and past the preeti or other nepali fonts and click the buttons, you will find unicode Nepali. So, you can convert your old preeti font based documents into unicode nepali. Not only that you can also read newspapers or other articles written in preeti, using your university's computer where you are not permitted to install preeti fonts. What you do is just go to your website, e.g. NepaliPost.com and copy the unreadable characters (because of lack of appropriate fonts), paste them into my http://www.iGya.com/preeti/ online converter webpage. You are done. You can read it. Thats what many people complained and I came up with this simple solution. Now, you don't need to worry about whether the computer you want to use has preeti font or not. Forget about preeti or other TTF based font. You life is much easier without preeti fonts. Well, if you are still addicted to preeti font based keyboard, don't worry, you can type in preeti font based keyboard and convert to unicode nepali using these online softwares. Good Luck. If someone finds this posting as if advertisement, I apologize. I just wanted to give inside story on this thread. GyaNeX
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