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  1. * how much wud be monthly rent; considering a semi-luxurious full furnished 1 bed room flat/apartment somewhere not very far from the central kathmandu? --> You will not find any furnished flat/apartment here. You have to furnish it yourself. Monthly rent for a flat having 1/2 bedroom, one living room, one kitchen bathroom is not more than NRs. 10,000(Ten thousand Rupees) per month. But you have to be lucky to find such flat, I mean it is hard to find such flats. * how much is the monthly fuel charges (average) if i intend to buy a motorbike(i definately need one ) --> Fuel charge deepends on : a) Which bike you will take ( you will find bike that gives you 60km/ltr to 25-30km/ltr) What distance you travel per month? (Petrol here is 67.5 Rs per ltr) now calculate monthly price urself. * how expensive are meals these days, in mid class restaurants ( eg,bakery cafe)? --> It costs Rs. 150-200 for a breakfast, 150-200 for lunch and 150-200 for dinner in such restaurants. If you go with drinks for a bottle of beer you have to pay around Rs. 200 in restaurant and Rs 130 in shops. thanking you
  2. I was just searching for Nepali Ukhan Tukka and I got the link of this site. So many nice Ukhan Tukkas there. Thanks for starting this kind of TOPIC. I've some Ukhans, don't mind if repeats.: 1. Khurpa ko Chanda Bid le tha hunchha. (Yo site kasto chha vanne, herne bittikai tha vo, tesaile yo) 2. Janne lai Srikhanda, Najanne lai khurpako bid, tei pani na-janne lai Sungur ko lid. (Yo site ko barema buje dherai chha, nabuje ramailo matra chha, tei pani nabuje........!) 3. Bandar Ko haat ma Nariwal??!! (Need discussion on its meaning..) 4. Khali Truck Car barabar! (my fren Bikash made it hahaha) 5. Mero goru ko barai takka. 6. Singo bakhro khai sakyo kan ko jhyak jhyak. 7. Bandar ko puchhar, lauro na hatiyar. 8. Jasle maha kaadchha, uslenai haat chaatchha. 9. Ki ta hastinapurko ro raaj, ki ta dall muni ko baas. 10. Ki laiyo chaadi ko baala, ki gayo haat ko khala. 11. Puji na suji Haata vari ****. 12. Harro napaune, Jaifal Dhaune? 13. Othma laune chhillo chaina, Dhasingare Puwa? 14. Jogi ko gharma Sanyasi Pauna. 15. Sujo na buju hagne gaudo pujo.
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