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  1. Now the time has come to show the game that they could help nepali national squade to raise a level up. a victory that senior side need at this moment.
  2. Hi,Greenday.First of all, welcome to WNSO and thanx for joining our WNSO-CYPRUS community. Your suggestion is beautiful. Cyprus College's effort should be appreciated as it is bringing all Nepalese together for a peace and harmony through a football tournament, the most lovable sport of our country. We really need such effort. I would certainly bring this event news in WNSO. Thanx for the suggestion. Hope you will help me in collecting the information. ya man i will be always there to help til the last match of the tournament..... hope the event will bring some positive hope to all of us...... c ya
  3. hi thank u for warm welcoming to new guys from cyprus...... hope u will b updating more sport events in near future..... which i always wana c from u...... why don tu mention the footabal tournament organaized by nepales stundent organization of cyprus college between the nepales student studying in diff college... its been nice to have such event in abroad for student like us....its gearing up to great height as we had thought...... bringing many nepalese student around the cyprus togetther....... thanks to the organizer of cyprus college once again..... c ya.....
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