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  1. I think a lot of schools offer O levels. Shuvatara, Rato Bangalal, Malpi... Lurking on the web I find this e-college directory http://www.collegekhoja.com
  2. Well man, why do u need the school for? I mean for studying or teaching er for GK .......(there are hell lot of things you can do in college....) wud u mind tellling so that we KJ can really jock our keyboard
  3. GUESS WHAT! Quadgeek has done this time! Yup! got a passing grades this time! Hallelajuihaaaa! hola hola! Thank You distant Memo.. Thank You BS... Thank You Scotty broda...!! Thank You All the Good people of WINSO... How com i forget the ADMIN broda...Thank You Admin! Well banging all my heads over the net i hav come to know few good thing ... things hav changed since i started this thread...well now I know why i am here and don know how many years to be on space from this point forward...ha ha well thanking all the winso brothers and sisters...and friends i am part of it....i can't deny...that... You guys owe me .... Thanking Quadgeek.... Lots of LOVE
  4. And your thinking is exactly right! Well, I am talking about 197 the Inquery of Nepal.....U name the Organization n they give u the Buzz Numbers... That was a great help I found some of my old buddies through the educational links on the site .... I am Nepali, U r nepali and WE are nepali... tnank U Nepali broda ! That was kinda a OK! What I am searching was the some bunch of people hav started helping the people who search the queries...i know some of the agencies in the west of nepal in pokhara like INQUERY POKHARA people out there will tell u all the ISP of pokhara if u dail them, similarly the COmputer Traders and so on... I know there is also such office serving the newbees on the town in ktm...But don know the number Guess I tried...to be clear this time...
  5. well wnso.....my next queries is.... How can i get any info on any organization....i hav heard there is something like inqueries!(the ntc's service i guess) ,,,,heard about the Ask me er something like that in the valley but i don know exactly wht it is ,,,wher any one can call and get the info on any orginazation's Phone , locations and aims...Is there things like that... any info and phone will be a great help to me ..... thanks for ur times in advance....
  6. Hi wnso! How many public libraries are there in the valley(ktm) any idea? My friends are wondering in the BC's library and Indian Library at RNAC buildings....heard about National library but could not figure out where is it? How many are there besides the colleges er school's own's private library..? Thanks in advance....
  7. hey fuatbol freak! i got a bro out here! he loves futbol...i love his skills speeds and stamina is kinda ok... i mean he love playing .. how one can start club futbol out here...
  8. first thanks 'BalayarCB' It has occured not with my one floppy. But whichever floopy i tried It just can't read.. Sometime i am able to read and write on the floopy... but after some hours(yeah after some breaks means complete turn off) when ever i start the pc for adding some more files to the same floopy it prompt the same irritiating msg... I was thinking there might have some alteration in my floopy setting when-ever i restart...Well, I am not a techi-geek but a quadgeek I can't quite figure it out so my thinking might sound bizzare to some one er foolish to other... I actually am seeking some hlp on the setting I don know wht u guys call that environment...whenever u press F2 keys u enter to that environment and so some alterations... Yeah! no much focus... read somewhere Floppies are the dinos.. in Tech-field.. But i need it so badly... as i don hav combo...
  9. Yes! MY DEAR Friend!! I jus lurk aroun Shanjhana's Jus friend N best friend! n liked it... Now, B-Mal u r confusing me.................##**##$$$ ok jokes asides AAni Khas Kura ta! Oh my gosh! Nepal1 has really get me...Khas Khabar le khas khas...khas... I did checked, I would not hav seek hlp; if it were da problemo! I did checked and still can't read, as i mention earlier it asked first for format? Then says could not proceed! so here i wanna know is do i need to check any thing physical or something logical settings? Ya ! Thanks man! hope i made it clear this time?
  10. I hav problem openning my floopy disk,......... Them problem is........ Whenever i tried ot open a the disk, it cannot read... after a while with some khata! kahta! says the disk need to format... and ask does it proceed..... when i say yes(very hard to say yes! remembering the time i gave to create the doc) but it could not and says...... your disk is write protected...!!!!!!!! I hav close the write-protect notch on the disk,,,,Why is this message flashed? What am i suppose to do? Do i need to change anything kinda a settings? Oh yeah! I hav opened the same disk earlier in my PC, & now wht? I am unable...
  11. Thanks Uj, I could not make it yesterday! thanks for the uncompressing...part too... Well may b out of many possibilities lol SATISFACTION do itch me..... Most of the singers and few artists' that i hav meet or viewed or read on the paper told the interviewer they do their stuffs for satisfaction..some even add self infornt of the satisfaction.I don't know exactly! wht it mean to them, it may be higher than wht i experience... This is my view on satisfaction.......(I am expecting...... ) I don't know exactly wht it may mean to other but for me satisfaction never comes form the achivements. If u r making ur mind on being satisfied after the goal is achived... er after having some couple of hundred billions dollars, never ever will hav satisfaction. Again the SPACE comes here.... Yeah! for me satisfaction is on the space, on the gap, on the lil pause where i ask my heart before making any choice to pursue my goal, if my heart say, "YOU GO MAN!", that's it's! Then whatever i do every molecule of my cell dance on whatever I do. Be it teaching my lil sister Algebra er sayin' good morning to my neighbours...er running few miles longer than yesterday er mugging up whole perodic table. There it is the Satisfaction. I don't talk too much, even in our gettogether! Excepting cracking some joke that i read.I don't know what i hav written. I just happen when i begin writing, I know it sux. kya karu kantrol nahin hota.... What i hav written is a junk admin if it's no good do delete it kindly...
  12. I vividly remember "The Universe", Science chapter on my junior high school.The Universe to me was the dark sky above with quadrillion twinkling stars, the moon and the Millkyway Galaxy!(MlikyBar remind me that even vivldly! ).The teacher told another name for The Universe,"Space" it was kinda a sauce to me, though I din see any connection but help to make the spelling correct :- Sp... not "Esp..." on those early years of school. The next time the space hit me was when I was in my new school we got a computer science on our cirriculum, Remember! TT! which beep and show the downArrow...The beep drive my nuts evertime it beets was when i forget the space... the Long Unique Space on the Keyboard. I had a bad handwriting and the poor writing even worse, that was enought to drive my teachers round the bend. I practice the handwrithing where I frequently was notice by the space, the space very space. Imaginethewritingwithoutspace! or Th e m iss pl ace d s pace! Quite hard Uhh..! Then another time space strike me was when we were having those audios played on our English class.Gosh! It was the Space, Scilence, the Lil pause that makesBIG different. The Number Line on maths class gave me the whole new meaning to me on Space.Wht is the number in between 1 and 2? ... 0.5 ! maybe....There are infinitely many numbers between One and Two.Yeah! the space now is the gap the which is the possibility of occutance of any entities between any to things or point or place or goal whtever is two arbitary points for ya! Possibility of occurance of any entities! Which is Uncertainity.Life is unceratin.Heard some freaks telling it! Life is uncertain. It's the unceratinity which gives the meaning to life, which is the only thing that motivate to live, which drives the life. Think of the Game for Football match where u r certain of everything, every moves, every dodge every attempts and finally the final scores too.Do u watch the game with same enthusiat?? What some freaks do is had the "Life is uncertain." and give another views to Uncertainity which mislead other geeks!!. Waht i mean here is Life is uncertain so donot have goal coz it's uncertain, no, no, na HELL NO! It is uncerain means it is full of potentiality, full of opportunities, full of possibilites Any thing can happen cause there is a SPACE in between the GOAL and Where we stand today! And the Space is as i already mention U..... P.... O.... P........, That's wht teaches us the colors of life!(joy, surrow, furious, anger, victory....I don't know how many shades of colors do life had?) Here i am Stuck! What After once the Very Goal is achived?Will life be that exciting?What shades of life do we hav then? What dou think buddies? Here goes your SPACE .....Fill the GAP...
  13. I did follow the instruction and finally Checked it! I tries thrice of which results:- 20kbps or 2.5 kb/s which is my down load speed! upload was sth like 19 kbsp?? It tell my Connection speed! I tried after Optimizing(don know wht exactly u technosany cal). Are They I mean the ISP fooling us? I remember, i asked the guy on the phone wht is our speed? He told me 34kb/s and it may fluctuate! and i replied is it lesser than Dail up, which is 54 kb/s, He din explain me instead told k it;s 34 kb/s, the speed is better than Dail-up! wht the heck did he mean? Are the making us fool. Bro UZ need more info broda! I will not be another who stay in front of PC and complains the speed, got 2 talk with these craps? for ur info they r only the one who provide cable internet, Yeah There r hell lot a ISPs, which provide dail-up, wriless too(they tol it's high for Home users...)? Now u know my speed wht should i do?What do u suggest? IS there any way i improve speed.... Hope that will Open the eyes of my frens too who r the client of the same ISP?
  14. CanNut! Recover! Ok Another Great Night With my PC! Why not! Thanks Bro UZ! Dail-up! Remember Those Days! Naah! i am using CABLE-Internet!re --- That's wht The bulls**t ISP tol me while i fill the registration form! I ask about da speed they told 34kbs! I don't know other then that! Yeah! Rs.1450/month for Unlimited access! see i am novice user.. yeah! they also told me something like LAN and installed the LAN card on The System too... I did inquire but cud not get the good response b4 connection. But it sound cool and i don't hav to deal with phone bills! So i connected! Hope u got wht i mean broda! The thing i wanna ask is, in nepal wht sort of Internet services r available! Which one is the best one? We got here Wlink! but even the Wlink could not provide the line(in there word) to all toles of pkr...? continue... Is it fair ki Am i in Bora( )!
  15. i download a RAR format file for the Whole night! It's about 50 er so Mb. I use WinRar to Uncompress the .rar files, The compressed files contain two MP3 files, it successfully Unzipped the first one while it showed some error message while uncompressing the second one, Well, what sud i do...? IS there anyway? Well BTW what utilities(guess! it is utility!) do u guys use 4 compression n uncompression....?Will trying other utilities solve? Thanks You... all in advance....
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