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  1. kaanchha

    New Teacher

    whats u'r problem dude u repeating the above thread....
  2. kaanchha

    New Teacher

    I like your jokes, keep popping and threading Ms. Bubble hahahahahahahahah peace
  3. kaanchha

    little fun

    Audio available here audio is more funny..... One a day I´m gonna to Malta to big a hotel. In a morning I got down to eat a breakfast. I tell a waitress: "I wanna two pieces of toast." She brings me only one piece. I tell her: "I wanna two piece." She says: "Go to the toilet." I say: "You don´t understand? I wanna two piece in my plate." She says: "You better no piss in a plate, you son of a bitch!" I don´t even know the lady and she call me son of a bitch. Later. I go to eat to a bigger restaurant. The waitress brings me the spoon, the knife but no fork. I tell her: "I wanna the fork." She tells me: "Everybody wanna fu*k." I tell her: "You don´t understand? I wanna the fork at the table." She says: "You better not fu*k at the table you son of a bitch!" So I go back to my room in a hotel and there is no sheets on the bed. Call the manager. I tell him: "I wanna sheet." He tell me: "To go to the toilet." I say: "You don´t understand? I wanna sheet on a bed." He says: "You better not s*it on my bed you son of a bitch." I go to the check out and the man at the desk said: "Peace on you!" I said: "Piss on you too, you son of a bitch." I´m gonna back to Italia.
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