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  1. RajaR

    Bud of miracle

    Feeling happens different and happens almost eternal as diamond, Feeling as a rainbow in the blue sky The difference we looked it two minutes or all life before eternity It’s a trifle… It’s a trace which makes our feelings leave, On the away of the most important in our showers, Feeling possible to remember the lights forever, a strong light that was ever… Communicating with you, Do not put myself into any purpose To me, simply liking to talk with you As much as you’re very borrowed, Somewhere, feeling happens as you’re trying to make yourself most But for me you’ll always be in the road of beautiful east You can’t in the mountain all the time Simply, you sit down and reflect on that to stop And peer at the moment, Having looked at me, Instantly you may begin to estimate me And me, other part should not bear… When I looked at your eyes, They excite me very much, however I’m so happy but not on myself completely Looking at you continuous, I do feel your mood around, Feeling it as bud of flower and that has not revealed yet Because it’s impossible to glance inside, May be the day will come where we’ll touch our hands with bud, Bud that is hope for miracle… Raja Rimal Paris
  2. Hello friends, Here is a link of weepawali evening in Paris, altogether with nepali friends. http://www.mysansar.com/?p=965
  3. RajaR

    Beauty in your eyes

    Beauty in your eyes between your pupils You’re the angel of every catching vision that I’ve ever seen Having seen all the nature of this horizon Having seen all the dust of love long away from my home You’re the sole flower of my garden that always be shined in my yard You’re the divine water of my trusty journey that always be fooled of love You’re that piece of my destiny that reminds me watching the raining rainbow While climbing in the highest peak of the mountain Truly you’re fleeting me the light of your immense love that reflects in my solitude Every drop of your words that nurtures me in your absence Not having you near of me in these disturbing roads that cause me lot’s of whisper apart But Your beautiful smiling face enters into my own picture and Reminds me the feelings of your soul that always cherishes me in my deepest core Imagining you in all the way and wishing to reach into your arms Striking of your hallucination that replicates in my every breath This shows the splendour of your heart Heart of your deepest stunning heart Pure than season of blooming Higher than spirit of love itself And beautiful than beautiful itself… Raja Rimal (Paris)
  4. म त तिम्रो म त तिम्रो नजरको बन्‍धनमा बाँधिएर उछिटीएर कहाँ-कहाँ पुगें भेटन नसकि गगनमा हराउँदै बादलहरु भित्र पुगें पानीका थोपाहरु संग त्‍यो झरीमा उभिएर वाटोमा रुझें वेसाहारा अनि बिवश आशाहरुलाई पन्‍छाउँदै समस्‍याका जंगलहरुमा लुकें नाम खोज्‍दै ति गाउँका गल्‍लीहरुमा आफन्‍तका मायाहरु खोज्‍दै हिडें टुटे फुटेका रहरहरु वटुली मायाको उनका भाकाहरुमा म भुलें जाउँ त कहाँ जाउँ..चोटका वेदनामा च्‍यापिएर पिडाका धुनहरु मात्र सुने समय-समयमा उर्लिने ति बाजाहरुको साथमा म आँफैले आँफुलाई नै थुने पाउने मायाका उमंगहरुमा उनको माया संगाल्‍दै हराएर म मेरो आफनो नामलाई नै भुलें... राजा रिमाल (पेरिस)
  5. RajaR


    Etranger... L'étranger du temps pour lire ma patrie Lequel ne signifie jamais être appris par cœur Pouvoir la vue différente de pluie part dans ces montagnes Mais calme la baisse d'arrose des cris vers ma destinée En ce qui concerne au dessous dans le coin de l'avenir A éveillé toujours, timide derrière mes propres mots Mes désirs bâillant peuvent être coureurs Entrer la conviction de joie lourde Je peux être déjà allé long temps par la douleur de fureur Ne jamais me signifier rester à côté avec toi, à jamais peut être Mais ma touche de jour nuageuse calme avec ton cœur doux Durer dans la route de ces routes de chagrin Seulement une couleur que je peux voir en brillent Belle imagination peut être disparaître n'importe quand Mais regardant toujours en avant sentir que le passé était comme toujours le mien… Par Raja Rimal (27 Mars 06) France
  6. RajaR


    Stranger... Stranger of the time to read in my homeland Which never mean to be memorised May different view of rain go away in those mountains But still the drop of water screams towards my destiny Regarding below in the corner of the future Still awaked, shy behind my own words My yawning desires can be a runner Coming in the belief of heavy joy I may be gone long time back by fury pain Never mean to me to stay alongside with you forever But still cloudy day do touch me with your soft heart Lasting in the highway of these sorrow roads Only one colour that I can see shine Be loving imagination can be vanished any time But still looking forward to feel the past as always that was mine… Raja Rimal (France)
  7. RajaR


    nice publicity At the same time so funny
  8. RajaR

    Few Jokes for you

    Sirupate ji most of your poems are hilarious. I enjoy to read them. Thanks
  9. RajaR

    Kaha cha shanti?

    काहाँ छ शान्‍ति ? निसासिएको त्‍यो हिमालको बादलहरुमा सिमसिमे पानिका चिसा-चिसा बुँदहरुमा आँसुसंग बग्‍ने ति शुन्‍य हाँसोहरुमा मरेर गएका ति स्‍वच्‍छ आत्‍माहरुमा बाँचेर पनि केहि गर्न नसकेका मनुस्‍यहरुमा भौतारिरहेका यात्रिहरुका लक्ष्‍य बिहिन बाटोहरुमा संगित र नृत्‍य बहिरो भई गुन्‍जिएको श्रृङखलाहरुमा केवल दुखि र अशहायहरुको आवाज मात्र छ यहाँ काहाँ छ शान्‍ति ? जता फकै पानि देखिन्‍छ अशान्‍ति घर-घरहरुमा पाहाडको त्‍यो मुलबाट निस्‍केको तातो पानिमा बढिले पहिरोसंग भत्‍काएका सडकहरुमा सम्‍झेर पनि बिर्सिएको त्‍यो गाउँको मायामा मानिसका लडाईहरुको ति चित्‍कारहरुमा मृत्‍युन्‍जय कराईरहेका गंगाजिका तिरहरुमा केवल बाँच्‍ने तृष्‍णा छट्‌पटिरहेछ बिच-बिचमा काहाँ छ शान्‍ति ? जता जाउँ भेटिन्‍छ यो अशान्‍ति गाउँ- गाउँहरुमा गोलिले पारेका ति काहालि लाग्‍दा घाउहरुमा घनघोर भोकमारि बाट मरेका ति लासहरुमा प्रियसिले दिएका ति पिडित चोटहरुमा प्रेममा पागल भएका प्रेमिहरुको आत्‍मामा फूल्‍नै नसकि झरेका ति फूलका कोपिलाहरुमा केवल विना हावा झरिरहेछ रुखका पातहरु यहाँ काहाँ छ शान्‍ति ? जता जाउँ भेटिन्‍छ यो अशान्‍ति शहर-शहरहरुमा... राजा आर. २४ जनवरि ०६
  10. RajaR


    Democracy Very far a hope I see Sudden a question resounds in my ears If it was a good heart that itself wakes up and remains in the distant one If it was a bell in the temple very early in the morning Sudden a peace returns in my thoughts As crossing the eternity to say me This is all for today and Keep in for tomorrow Sudden a beautiful picture returns in my dream and says: Lives well for today, I will always come with your good way..."Democracy" Raja R
  11. RajaR


    Your memories are so deep bro. Keep continue... Raja
  12. RajaR

    Chodera Aye Maile...

    Your poems are also so beautiful Narayan ji.Any way thank you for your comment. Raja
  13. RajaR

    Premikaka Mayaharu

    Thanks BS and Narayan ji. Raja
  14. RajaR

    I'm still counting...

    Thank you friends for your appreciations, Thanks again Raja
  15. RajaR

    Pardeshiko Jiban...

    परदेशिको जिवन... आशै-आशामा अल्‍झिएर बहदा बहदै जिवनका हरेक पल पलमा मेरा प्‍यारा विहानिहरु छुटे मिलनका साथ टुटे, यादहरु टुटे अनि प्रत्‍येक सम्‍झनाका लहरहरु टुटे समुन्‍द्रको छालहरुसंग जुद्‌दा-जुद्‍दै समयको हरेक कण-कणमा मेरा गाउँहरु छुटे, बस्‍ति छुटे अनि प्रत्‍येक देशका नक्‍साहरु टुटे संघषैको मैदानमा उभिदा-उभिदै हराएर म आज अजनवि बन्‍दा मेरा बैसालु भाकाहरु छुटे, मायालु छुटे अनि मेरा जिवनका प्रत्‍येक रेखाहरु टुटे जिवनको लामो बाटोमा यात्रा गर्‌दा-गदै मरभूमिमा एक्‍लै हुँदा मेरा प्‍यारा गोरेटो बाटाहरु छुटे,मैदान छुटे अनि मेरा जिवनका प्रत्‍येक भाग्‍यहरु फूटे मानिसहरुका भिडमा हराउँदा-हराउँदै पृथ्‍विको छितिजपारि सम्‍म पुग्‍दा मेरा प्‍यारा आफन्‍तहरु छुटे,पराई छुटे अनि मेरा आँखाका प्‍यारा आँसुहरु टुटे मिरमिरे विहानिको प्रतिक्षामा रहदा-रहदै हाँसो र आँसुको दोसाँझमा मेरा प्‍यारा रातहरु छुटे,दिन छुटे अनि मेरा जिवनका प्रत्‍येक सपनाहरु टुटे... राजा आर.
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