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  1. Thanks I really enjoyed the radio program. Waiting for the second episode. Gyanu
  2. Wow! I liked your intention and effort to find the flaws in the system and showing the way to improve it. Looks like we can do something. regards Gyanu
  3. Dear RADIO TEAM MEMBER, I was listening the radio program but it stops in the middle of the program. Is it only my problem or everyone is having the same problem. If it is the problem for everyone can we please check in our server. I would love to listen the whole program. regards Gyanu
  4. WoW! Good Job. Now again we can listen to our Radio Programme. CHEERS to all the RADIO TEAM. regards Gyanu Dear all, WNSO UK has started the online radio program... with new RJs Raju and Bharat..... again..... please click the link below to listen the program. Please do not forget to leave your comments... http://media.wnso.org/rnb1.wma cheers
  5. Dear Good Hacker, I understand your point. I think we need people like you who love to hack but not for bad purpose to find out the loopholes in our system. Wish you good luck. A great care taker can be the person who know all the CHOR BATO. hehehe regards Gyanu
  6. Very NICE One. Thanks for posting it in the forumn regards Gyanu
  7. WE need volunteers to work in a TV program for WNSO. People who have deep interest in media sector and those who got skills and looking for opportunity to have a practical experience will be the best persons. ANY ONE interested to help your community and help yourself !!!!!! please write to us. info@wnso.org regards Gyanu
  8. Congratulations to Mr. Govinda. Wish you every success for future ahead. Hope this scholarship provided by WNSO help you to achieve your goal. regards Gyanu
  9. So can we fix the meeting for Sunday Morning usual time, as you won't be here, we can have all our committee members as well on that day for this months meeting. what do you say? Please let me know. I will let the related person to be at poplar after i got confirmation from you. regards Gyanu
  10. Dear all, Regarding the TV programme, I have found quite a few numbers of students interested. One of them is quite mature guy, I had a talk with him for long. I have got quite interesting idea from as well. and 4 of them are students and 1 is studying media studies himself. So bharat dai, they have shown very much interest in the program they want a meeting. So that we can finalize the program plan to hand to Nepal TV. Can you have a small meeting for that. regards Gyanu
  11. Bharat Dada, I talked with few students today. Everyone seems very interested. I talked with Siddartha, Smriti Basnet, Poonam and others. Everyone is really excited. Siddartha and Smriti said they have already done few program in FM. Lets see I am going to have again discussion tomorrow, i will talk with samira as well. We need to gather the pool of people who are interested and dedicated so that this program can be a great success. We need everyone's suggestions and comments please. with regards Gyanu
  12. In my view listing out only the colleges will not help until and unless, students coming from nepal have the access to that list and know the reality. Think about yourself, when you came here. Your expectations, dreams ... So we should start making students aware about what is happening. 1 or 2 room colleges, the certificates which you cannot use anywhere, like those (pay 600 and get Ph. D ). Thanks at least someone dared to tell the truth. Telling the truth about the situation in UK to your friends and families who want to come to UK may help them to be safe and I have heard UK government is also working in it. Have heard few bogus colleges have been closed. But for our nepali brothers and sisters, creating awareness will be the best thing and ask them to get as much information as possible before enrolling in any institution or course because you can get the college information from and can directly write to them as well. so that later on, College and agent cannot put the blame in each other's shoulder. If anyone enrolled in any institution in UK and want to really know the college and course status, then they can write to us in WNSO UK mail or post in chautari we will try our best to help. regards Gyanu
  13. What is Distribution Server? if someone can help me please.
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