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  1. I am pleased to welcome you all WNSO China members to our students Chautari. Please have your discussion here, if needed, you can created separate topic. If you have any problem please let me know.
  2. Dipesh Thank you to you and Rajesh for this idea. Every point you mentioned need to be discussed by all members and well-wisher who, in the past, have provided so much of their energy and time to WNSO, who may be now in better place to advise and guide even better. Let’s invite everyone here to have their view and feedback: how we can make WNSO practically useful educational platform to support our community.
  3. There is no any WNSO physically exist in Australia, however there is WNSO Australia website maintained by some voluneer which has not been updated for long. If you are interested, you can coordinate to have WNSO Australia the ground and also update site regularly.
  4. Best way to find good college or university is to go http://www.ucas.ac.uk/
  5. Hi There, Glad to know that you are looking for someone to look after your daughter in return for free accommodation. London is full of Nepali students at the moment and I think many will be interested for this offer. I would like to know the area you will be living in London so that I can let others know about this opportunity. SE london is vast though all of SE london is now not new to Nepalese, it would be easier if you mention the area such as Plumstead, East Ham etc.
  6. I voted for September 2010. Good to take time and make it better, also this is nearly Dashain Tihar time and be easier to travel to Nepal for festive propose along side conference.
  7. There should not be any problem.
  8. Sameer, please send email to info@wnso.org with request to reset your password.
  9. Thanks David for your contribution here. Regards Bharat
  10. Hi Rajesh, How comes you are in Delhi yo dashain ko mukhama? When are you coming back to Kathmandu?
  11. I agreed with Yogesh Jee. Looking at N Paudel's post, I think you probably have better information than agent in Kathmandu. And you have good background, both work and education so you have nothing to fear.
  12. Sanjeev Bhai, There was script that used to greet visitor saying "special welcome to visitor from ...country...", that script used to redirect every 51st visitor to their site. I am surprised you used to be the one that is being redirected. We have removed that script now. You should be able to visit without any problem. Your absent is clearly noticed by us. Please try to visit more often.
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