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  1. After coming to UK some 5 years ago, I was sick for weeks missing home, food, people and tv shows. Though It may sound bit odd, but I used to watch Nepali TV shows even those days when Indian Channels had raped Nepali TV Channels & Shows. One of my favourite was Hijo Aaja Ka Kura. Well Good news is its back once again in Kantipur TV. Bad news, we dont have Kantipur TV with any Dish Network in UK. Anyway after googling for a while I finally stumbled upon one good online website http://www.NepaliTvSerials.com which was showing almost all of the popular Nepali TV serials online for free. Hijo Aaja Ko Kura was also there. Along with it all the comedy shows (jire Khorsani, tito satya, jhyaikuti jhyai, Madan Krishna Shrestha & Haribansha's tv serials, etc), reality shows were also there along with new tv serials. Santosh Panta Still Rocks... If you too like to watch Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Here is the link to all its episodes: http://www.nepalitvserials.com/browse-hijo-aaja-ka-kuara-videos-1-date.html
  2. Loadshedding has hit hard to Nepali's. TV's are there just as a show piece. As 12 hours of loadshedding is hitting people daily. So, how can one watch anything when light is off. Considering the same fact, http://www.nepalitvserials.com has come with one easy solution. Watch all your favourite Nepali TV Serials (Comedy, MAHA, Reality Shows, Talk Shows, Documentary, News, etc) Online whenever you like for FREE. We bring in more than 20 Popular TV Shows from NTV, Channel Nepal, Avenues, Kantipur, Teria TV, Nepal One, DAILY Online for FREE. So, dont miss your tv show even in loadshedding with http://www.nepalitvserials.com
  3. Where is Nepali Youth heading ? Almost all online websites carter same stuff, a scantly clad model, who have no idea of modeling and fashion. She is allowed to pose however she likes as long as she reveals her assets in sly manner. CyberSansar, FotoSansar and maybe whatever sansar all are simply cashing in using those dumb bimbo’s photos. They don’t have any clue or idea how those pictures will appear after some Photoshop affect. Upon the promise of anonymity, a Nepali model, Sakshi (name changed) told how her life changed forever after her photographs went online in a popular website. By the change, we mean BAD. She had no idea how and when those shots were taken, but later when she saw her pictures scattered in online websites like http://www.ChiyaCoffee.com and wwwDOTFotosansarDOTcom she was shattered. Eve teasing was tolerable, but after those photos went public, she was forced to flee out of the country. Definitely, those photos were not pornographic, but the way camera captured her vital parts brought storm within her family and life. In this modern day, information spreads faster than light. A photo uploaded from Nepal can be viewed from USA within seconds. Cell phones with camera, video recorder have become curse to anyone who is naive or careless. With introduction of 3G, Free Wifi, etc in the Valley has made shoot & upload very easy task. Despite such danger, so called models turn in to online websites and shed off whatever they are wearing. They try to ape Merlyn, Belluci or any other famous models forgetting difference between their own lifestyle and culture compared to those famous models. For a moment of fame, they forget future complications in their life. Everyone knows Sex sells, but does than mean you have to sell Sex to become popular? Article Source: http://www.chiyacoffee.com
  4. Originally sung by Deepak Kharel. Remixed by Dj Raju & Sung by Mingma Sherpa. Download HIGH QUALITY - 320 Kbps Mp3 Here: http://www.nepalisongs.info/html/getsong.php?song_id=3678 Video Directed by Bhusan Dahal ! Watch Video Online Here: http://www.nepalivideos.info/musicvideo.php?vid=2283a7d7d
  5. Its one movie that would not only make u laugh or cry or its not the kind which would just entertain u for 3 hrs ......... Infact It stays with u even beyond those 3 hrs ...its thought provoking cinema at its fuckin best ..... raju hirani is a master of this art ..... but this time around ..... the satire on our education system was much more palpable .. it shakes u inside-out .... are u doin what u really wanna do ?? would be a common question one would ask one-self .... Watch Online the movie and think yourself ! http://www.musicnmovies.info/metromaaza/index.php/2009/12/justin/3-idiots-2009-lq/
  6. very nice ! We need to stand by our nation !
  7. Medical Science is not more a choice for financially weak students, no matter how bright he/she might be. According to recent survey for joining a medical college in NEPAL, after completion of +2 requires not more than 50% in PCB. But he/she needs to pay off Rs. 35 LAKH Rupees UPFRONT during admission itself. Yes, Rs. 35 Lakh (i.e. ard. 40K USD, 30K Pound, 31K EURO). That too downpayment. No Installment Scheme or semester wise. From Manipal, B.P. Dharan, IOM, NMC, KMC, BMC all charges from 30 Lakh to 35 Lakh per student for 5 years MBBS course (EXCLUDING lodging, books, food). Thats why most students who are aiming to study MBBS are trying China, Bangladesh, Pakistan or even India for studies than Nepal.
  8. there should be contact address for WNSO Finland on the homepage of this website.
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