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  1. Yes, I had tried many times to meet with the H. Ambassdor mr. michel jolivet ( French ambassdor to nepal) but that women did not gave me that chance . and i had tried to phone with our sponser to ambassdor but they (3 nepali lady staff) rejected to give the phone line to him . what can i do ? they are totally bad human . why they do that kind of work ? again i consult with the consular of lithunia mr. rameshor , he also told that " they are very bad but how can we charge them . they have big power " it is not the maya sherpa's mistake but also the ambassdor and the visa consular's mistake. nepali lai nepali staff le visa ko lagi nepali ma interview lincha ? why the consular or other french did not take our interview ? i think there is very big network with maya sherpa ? let's see , if i could catch her or not .....................................................................
  2. on sep, 2005 . we had applied for visa to italy as short stay business visa. ms. maya sherpa took our interview . and denied to grant visa. i heard that she will take some money for visa as under table businessss . we just want to visit Schengen countries , although our main destination is in Italy. our sponser is managing director of **** four star hotel . all documents were very excellent. but unfortunatley we did not get visa cause of maya sherpa . she is staff of french embassy , lazimpat , kathmandu . so please if anyone knows her , let me know . that is not good attitude towards nepali . i heard also that she looks only her cast . sherpa ok friends , please if any body know her , i want to meet her and wants to talk more about that case . send me mail on prayash82005@yahoo.com bye bye regards, prakash
  3. hello all friends, i am prakash from kathmandu now. my home is in chitwan, mangalpur. anyone from same place plz ? now i am thinking to study in sweden . bye
  4. Namaste to all nepali friend , i am prakash aryal from thamel , kathmandu, working in tourism field since 4 yrs. now i want to continue my study on same field travel and tourism . so i am thinking to study in sweden . if anyone friend who is studying in sweden for some guideness to me it will my pleasure . please i am waiting , my email add , prayash82005@gmail.com . thank you .
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