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  1. hello everybody, Nordic region is one of the best place in Europe to live. Some of you might be thinking studying here. Indeed the level of education is very good, however, don't think that you can support your living by part-time job or something like that. If you get admission in capital city or 2nd largest city's University, then dare to come otherwise keep your pocket hot, at least till summer holiday. Tuition fees are free, however, living cost is quite high. of course, they speak english unlike germany or france, however, they want their own language while at job. so think twice or thrice before coming to cooool Nordic. It's not like US, Australia, or UK. Jobs are rare except capital or bigger cities.
  2. Gaurav his name is Suman and his email address is foreversuman@hotmail.com. He is studying at Helsinki.
  3. ramesh_kunwar


    hej, happy dashain and tihar i'm a student currently studying in Sweden. i would love to meet any Nepali living in sweden. plz if you're are living in sweden or even in norway, denmark or finland, plz mail me at salira@gmail.com. i will be waiting for your reply. bye Ramesh
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