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  1. Enrollment is up hugely where I go. I don't think it hurts the overall educational process, at least not yet. Most of those students who shouldn't be here are gone after one or two semesters anyway. That said, the influx of students has been a fairly recent thing and instructors may simply not have adapted to the new lowest common denominator. In the long term, undergraduate education might suffer, but I don't think it has yet.
  2. If you can splurge, the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel in Monaco is incredible. For the discerning gentleman, I suggest a wrapper from a 'Royale with cheese' from the McDonald's in Monaco. : ) Eat French Bread!!! It is the most delicious bread there. The smell alone is better than the finest freebase... France is also home (as is most of western Europe) to many fine local cheeses (as well as wine, natch) and these go brilliantly with their bread. Go to Stars and Bars - its a bar on the harbour and you might spot a racing driver or some other tax exile. Watch out for the Russian Mafia. : ) I got to stay during a conference in Monaco at the Marriott at Cap d'ail... across the street, practically was Monaco, which was nice. Every morning we crossed a border into another country. (well sort of. Monaco is a principality, but it may as well just be France). We had a rental and drove to Italy one day, but the traffic was horrific. Very much fun though, and you should see "never say never again", which was partially filmed in Menton, a town between Monaco & Italy. Anyhow, that's my two cents.
  3. Analyze the construction of the new Tech environmental engineering building. Did they use environmentally friendly materials? Is the building energy efficient? Is the location well-placed for public transportation? Require light trucks (Small pickups, SUV) to meet the same fuel economy requirements as passenger cars. Hydrogen: Fuel of the future, or time bomb? Global warming: Why is is so damn cold outside today? Why is the expanding heat-island of cities not factored into same-site temperature determinations? Groceries: Paper or Plastic: Deforestation or nonrenewable fossil fuels?
  4. Sorry i made you miss me lol, anyways will catch you whenever i get a chance. You be a good boy and keep pasting the urls here.
  5. wynk

    Upon Him

    nice. : )
  6. LMAO...very funny....keep adding more links.
  7. I am glad you liked it sir. By the way whats up with you and your editing. Regards to your other half. : )
  8. Sir, thank you for the link. Here is one more: http://www.bollystreams.tk/ By the way may I ask what you do?
  9. wynk


    Got a friend in Sweden will let him know about you.
  10. Sir I feel enlightened. What more can i say? : )
  11. Yes I too saw that, was pretty good. By the way check out the first link they have updated the movies. Make sure you watch chocolate...good one.
  12. Oki, HERE is your poem. You can view dozens of poems by Devkota including pagal, give a look at page 98. Hope it helped. Lucifer sir, geezzz this sounds really weird. Mind changing your name please? Lucifer+sir simply doesnt get along. Please dont be offended, just my thoughts, ofcourse you have all the right to ignore it. : ) By the way whats up with you and your ananova?
  13. Hmm most are in English, but have asked someone for it, once there I'll paste it here. Let's also hope for someone elses to find it too. I myself am curious. Have had a lot about it.
  14. Deusi Song...; ) Bhana Mera Bhaiho Deusuray. (Say it my brothers, Say it. Deusuray) Sormelai Kana Deusuray. (Say it louder and say it in tune. Deusuray) Rato Batoo Deusuray. (Red mud trail. Deusuray) Chiploa Batoo Desuray. (Slippery trail. Deusuray) Laddai Paddai Deusuray. (Slipping and Sliding. Deusuray) Akeya Hami Deusuray. (Finally we made it to your home! Deusuray) .... .... Deusuray .... .... Deusuray .... .... Deusuray Yo Garma Laxmi Deusuray. (In this home Lord Laxmi. Deusuray) Sadthai Aun Deusuray. (Always come. Deusuray) Hamilai Denus Deusuray. (Give us what you have money or meal) Bidtha Garnus Deusuray. (Please give us now, say good bye to us, so we sing for next home!) source nepalvista
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