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  1. for tutor why dont you go to malpi institute and consult with x budhaniltantas gurus.... British counsil wouldnt be bad idea for resources and syllabus.. science mmmm and a level ......if i were you i would join institute......arrggg that practical things.....and yea beautiful chicks...hehee (*bbc ko website ma pani resources haru thio hai check gara.....maile check nagareko ages bhako cha.......ani sachi neplai subject naleko....ki A level ma chaina?? o level padeko bhaya sajilo huntyo *)
  2. what a wonderful world - louis armstrong end of the world - (not sure who sang ...2 many covers.. europa - carlos santana Lay lady lay (with Gemma Hayes) (bob dylan covers) Autumn Leaves - Diana Kral heaps more.....man ....dont have time 2 dig in deep hope thisll help
  3. oh yes...oh yes....blues gives strenght and eneryg......i can imagine (no wonder why old married couples listen 2 blues ...heheee ) nah im not that good.. ...im stuck in theroy part yep i agreee it is advance . well i ve been listenin to all kinds of music from my early age classical(bach,vivaldi,adagio..),rock,heavy/death metal,blues,bossa nova(brazilian music)....so on...but jazz is new for me and its very interesting coz it s very complicated just watched joe pass tutorial vids ....isnt he amazing...the way he substitute chords,choose notes ,plays on specific strings ..and his melody ....no doubt he is the greatest solo guitarist
  4. oh yea any forum members play guitar??? i need some help.....jazz guitarist would be awesome cheers
  5. yo guys if u really serious then join http://www.nepalisongchord.com/Forum/default.asp i think discussion is the key to understand music....well ....guitar ..... and yea join www.forum.ktmrocks.com ( not esp for guitar though.... )
  6. fair enough I should have known that...from ur pics yea i guess ppl from taplejung/pachtar just wana address their offspring with funny/weird names well i can say that my name is one of the wierdest name on earth
  7. was that love re????(mate if ur still not sure...thats good) Arggg... mate curse that love thing mmm hmmm i really dont go for it... i reckon it ruins ur career/future just deprives ur time/money u can read books about sugar -it taste sweet ,however u wont know what is sweet unless u taste it... (well thats my case....whatever i still say no...ahhh and not 2 mention how many charismatic chicks are chasin me... )
  8. dont about that drive mate....max file u can upload is 10mb i think... well how much do we need man....isnt 10mb enough Have u tried it.. or is tat you are just giving virtual talks.. work and say.. coz its too sluggish that iam expering with it. have ya?heee do u really know what g drive is all about? i dont see any diff. i find normal way more convenience and yea even from gdrive u can only upload 10mb at once correct me if i wrong.. argggg wheres that dude....linuxaddict
  9. why do ppl call mohan tara "jee" Ill be flamed i know
  10. dont about that drive mate....max file u can upload is 10mb i think... well how much do we need man....isnt 10mb enough
  11. yea gmail rocks you can also do this with gmail mate... make a public(all members will use same username and password) wnso gmail account. so that wnso members can upload/share files/music ppl can request thier needs .... what do you thinks guys?
  12. woh nice one mate.... some were fuunny though I really like that French fries thing....wish i could do that (by the way if we pose this same questions to Nepalese children ..do you reckon ....the answer would be some what like this.... )
  13. Damn...I thought snorin was good for health. Only ppl who're healthy would snore...
  14. haah finally back after long holiday... hey Limitation//Moon whats new sooth wales......u mean NSW? Well i reckon this is a **** topic too. Who inspired you to read and write???
  15. bollocks,,hehheh checkout www.forum.ktmrocks.com
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