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  1. we need compulsory religious study in school to understand value and responsibility of our religion and tradition. otherwise, hinduism will be mixup of every ism, our festival will soon be history.
  2. missing one point; sex between human and animal.
  3. I do smoke, about one packet a day, thats 20 cigarette a day. more i tried to quit smoking, more it becomes part of my life. can't believe this day will come, i started smoking few years back just as fun, it was hard to smoke that time, it is hard not to smoke this time. things gone upside down. but one news made me bit of happy few week back. some researchers found out that, smoking less cigarette is more harmful than smoking more. Is that true? so those who is trying to quit smoking by taking one or two a day are likely to damange their health compare to those chain smoker?
  4. This is absolutely what I was going to write. Poverty that force people to sell their vote to corrupt leader cannot bring clean system in the country. it is leaders who first should draw the structure, create corruptionless system, utilise the manpower we already have in the country, then appeal for everyone to come back home. I think even before government appeal for everyone to come home, people will start to go Nepal by themself. Point noted santos. geographically we are different than korea and many other country which make very difficult and costly for us to do what they did. we need to bring nepal friendly industry. which I think is tourism and IT, software development, call center etc etc.
  5. cool buddy. I still want to work in microsoft than selling tomato.
  6. comparetively, forum is very quiet and people should thinkg of that.
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