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  1. great.....this actually happens after got married
  2. R u aware of Zorpia? This is a right place to meet your nepali classmates and old frens. here is an example CLick here
  3. The talents of many Nepali Rock Artists and Bands have been unknown and hidden from the rest of the world. It's been the best kept secret...until now. Although they remain unknown to many, they are continually gaining the attention and earning respect from those that have had the pleasure of listening to them perform. I have set up this Group to pay tribute to the many talented and gifted Nepali Rock Artists 'N' Bands and the songs that they created. Look out world, here they come ! If you're part of a Nepali band or a rock artist and has a Nepali rock song that you would like to show on this group, please join now at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nepalirockgroup/join
  4. it was really good webspace but now it is dead.....
  5. Are u looking for free webspace without any banner ads and pop ups? Get free 500 mb webspace easy to install I can design and make your personal page for free. click here to contact me
  6. .com.np is pretty slow server as far as i know.
  7. Nepali bhanna uchit ho ya Gorkhali bhanna.?....Kina Gorkhali ra Nepali Bhaneko? Nepali Bhanna le ke bujinchha ra Gorkhali bhanna le ke bujinchha?
  8. my surname is Lama yo chai kasari bhayo thaha chhaina....malai ta gumba ko lama matra thaha chha...
  9. More members more songs and more help...pliz support them...
  10. Which is your fav masu? Mero ta bungur ko yummy....
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