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  1. You seems to be right, Did you check server vulnarability with techniques ? Perhaps I am seemingly newbie actually I am. Good point go ahead
  2. Ewwwww, that is waaaay too old fashioned tool. Dude use nmap, You can't expect the HTML echo by using such lame tool. such that system files of servers are either batch or php That's not even a pre-education of qualifying hacker. Gear on the vulnurability testing by using anfy and nmap, they are just to begin though. It might take few years just to understand that
  3. You are quite ahead of time. I have no idea about that. If you can provide me the name of the company who is doing that, will take a closer look. Thank you
  4. you can email the original author, if you can publish his/her material. Open software TOS is generally written in readme file. I wouldn't personally allow people to publish my software without asking me. It cost labour.
  5. RESPECT please, if you been the part of good education family.
  6. Neatly questioning is the way of success purushottom. What field are you related and what is the theme of your question, please open it. If you are asking about the fundamental requirement non-academically, 3D and new macromedia products helps in enhancing visual theme. Mathgirl may help you in technical aspect about this if you be kind to her. What part of media education are you in research ?
  7. Mr./Miss Lucifer, This is one time notice for you, I will not be replying you any further. No attack on honoured members. Mathgirl is highly quilified engineer, working for respected company. She is very helpful women in the related field. Please keep your anger in your pocket, this is an educational forum, we want you to come and ask what you don't understand. Try not to be overwhelmed in non related things. Your first reply was out of topic, please keep the standerd of topic, Mathgirl is little aggresive , I found even in my case but I am delighted with her knowledge, be glad for what you receive. Thank you. PS: If reply comes non related to the topic, I am not replying to you lucifer.
  8. Those are the short version. In the professional field we have to know much more than that. Those were the basic requirement. If you are satisfied with paypal, you are just our protected client.
  9. I am more in programming side than networking and security. why is this question being asked on programming ? I don't see any relevant on proramming, I have to agree myself that I am not a programming genius, It is just my profession for living. If you are looking for neural network software, I may provide you second hand from my lab. warm regards Barsa
  10. Namaskar hidden angel, I have already made me think that you will never come back. It is so much pleasure to see you back again. Thank you hidden angel and monica for giving such beautiful words to moderator. warm regards barsa.
  11. Have the bit of all. Don't stress on them, actually bring Achar, and dry food, you will heavily miss them. Welcome to States. warm regards.
  12. World wide economic crisis and WTO are villain for this. Our salaries decreasing, students fees increasing.
  13. I believe board member don't have time for this, they may not even have read this post. Please do not abuse internet. Who is this lalupate ? Is he the board member as well ? I believe not so. He wasn't here when I was in board in the beginning. Let us close this kind of thread.
  14. Seen you after long time nepali ma, completely nationalistic elementarism, appreceated. Are you still in Korea ?
  15. Good start, but can I change by name from this forum while writing in that club ?
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