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  1. I wonder how easy to get permanent resident in Sweden? After working on work visa or going to student in temporary resident visa, how hard is it to convert to permanent resident visa anyone knows?
  2. Actually Opengl has binding with Java, VB etc. You dont really need C++, Java, VB may suffice. I prefer C++, but not a requirement.
  3. Lucifer, I have only focused in rendering part of engine. That is where I need help for now. I have people working on Network and input. Actually I also need help on art/graphic/modeling part. What I mean is drawing/designing different objects such as Guns, eg FG caliber 35 mm semi automatic gun. since the engine will be focused in FPS ( First First Shooter). But for the rendering part, i have all the resources. I am coding in Visual C++/ C++ using graphic API called OpenGL ( www.opengl.org ). Opengl offers fast, platform independent graphic library and free to download. I think Opengl is easy to use compared to Microsoft DirectX library. All the documents are available online in www.opengl.org website. There are many examples, samples, free books and also a forum in that website. Also, there is a huge demand for Opengl programmers. After you master opengl designing our rendering engine, you never know you might be hired by PIXAR So basically you need to have C++ compiler installed in your system, OpenGL works with variety of C++ compiler from MS visual studio, Borland, CYGWIN, CodeWarrior etc etc. let me know if u have any question.
  4. People who have played various computer/console games such as Quake, Doom, Far Cry, Halo. Need for Speed etc may have heard or come across term 'Game Engine' and wondered what the heck it is. The simple answer- Game Engine is main driving component of a game. Kinda like Engine of a car. Game Engine is a layer sits between actual game and low-level HAL ( Hardware Abstraction Layer) which interacts directly to Hardware. Game Engine provides visual, physics, input/output, networking functionalities. That is why GE is comprised of various parts/sub components. Rendering Component - this component solely responsible for rendering( drawing) in the computer screen. It draws world ( such as terrain ), actors, objects etc etc. It produces all those cool effect lighting, fog, shadow etc. IO Component- This component is responsible for interaction with input devices such as keyboard/mouse/joystick/other controllers. Networking - This component manages multiplayers playing across internet, LAN and even on same console/computer with split screen. AI( Artificial Intelligence ) - This is the logic component behind each actor in a game. For eg. in a FPS ( First person shooter) game, if you try to shoot this monster, this monster hides behind a wall. Obviously he has intelligence. This component handles. that. Physics- Math - deals with Matrix, vectors and setups coordinates or location of each actor, object etc in the world. So now you somewhat know what game engine is. You can do reseach in the Web if you want to know more in the subject. Programming or building game engine is very complex. You have to have background in Math, programming. Actually I am building my own game engine. I have started working on it few months back. Since this is such a large project, i am constantly seeking help from others. So if you are some experience in C++/Visual C++ and math background, and interested in computer games or even just artists who want to design different models in software tools such as Maya etc, let me know. I am sure you will learn a lot and make money one day ( if we can sale ).
  5. But that is not the point. Even though Japan has religions, Japanese do not want religion play a big part in their lives. And it is true, countries who are too bogged down into religion have lot of problems. Examples are muslim countries.
  6. It really depends on software. It depends on how the software is written. Some softwares use Windows Registry to store that information. So finding the registry key and updating the value can gain access to full version from Demo. Some softwares compile all that information in binary form. If that is the case, I dont think you can crack at all. So what software is it?
  7. Strawberry and vanilla Crusty flavor hehe. just joking, At this moment, I wiped out the Red Hat Linux to have more room for my games Silent Hill 3, Halo, FreeLancer, and Half-Life and Yes, DOOM 3
  8. Mathgirl, I disagree that 'The shell perform main function of unix and it is kernel'. Shell is just a program that takes user commands and executes system level commands. Linux or Unix is lot more than Shell or shell programming. For example, its usage in networking, Computer graphics and so on. And also even though Unix is almost unheard of nowadays but still to me It is cool..running on RISC architecture machine with Silicon Graphics SVGA Monitor.
  9. I think Sydney is in New South Wales. Innocent Princess, are you in Australia?
  10. I am planning of migrating to Land of Down Under. I want to know the living style there. Is Apartment expensive? People are nice? How do they treat people from Asian background? I have heard that people are very relaxed there. Is that true? Also, what city is the best? I am thinking Sydney. But again Sydney with population 4 mil or more must be expensive and crime may be high. Please Enlighten!!!
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