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  1. Stupid Lucifer, talk in every subject. Jack of all, master of none.
  2. Bihani ko kiran sangai Timi lai Suva Kamana sadhai jhai bitosh yo Janmadin Gurash ful ko sugandh jastai dherai pani ke nai bhanu ra upama sadhai kam nai hunchan re Timro mun bhariyos Yo janmadin ko batawaran ma sapana gurung Noma Noma from Nepali bride Where is birthday girl ????
  3. You already wave a weakest link. Call them, if there is toll free you will have less. If it is for your future it won't bother you 2 0r 3 dollar call sylvan or prometric centres. They may help
  4. Lucifer, Whether you live on US or not, the qualification you have is very imp. If you are qualified from english speaking country, you can get job anywhere in the world with first priority. H-1B Visa is a procedure every foreigners take. If you are living in US and you are unqualified why are you blaming US education ? We have many chances and oppertinities but not for in-confident people who blame everyone. If you blame US, you cannot survive in any country of the world.
  5. hi lm don't ne disgusting cause I am looking aftwe youuuuur bignepal. If you had so much heart broken with miss park, I only have a disgusting hatred on you, You will never find a gal like park, This will chase your history and present. F**ck. long live park ville,.
  6. In short, Community colleges refers to a two-year institution of higher education, generally public, Offerings usually include a transfer curriculum (credits toward a bachelor’s degree) and occupational programs (two-year course of study designed to prepare the student for employment). Sometimes for self-improvement or for interest, usually, with no entrance requirements. University is different because it offers higher qualification from job and other views. A university is an institution of higher education and of research, which grants academic degrees.
  7. Provided that people come into forums with variable intension. That intension should be recognised. I have called barsa, supriya, they are frustrated with very few peoples, they don't want to point the mistakes even because they simply wants to ignore. Keep yourself healty and others as well. As for asking of apology by d_m in other thread . If the person who made the mess can apologise , I can apologise but LM //, d_m, manchild friends being WNSO admin peoples you also have one sided decession, this is point to remember.
  8. With concerned to supriya and Narayan ji, What is happening to WNSO USA ? Does it exist anymore or hand us to new students.
  9. This is too much, Can somebody kick this guy ass.
  10. christmass in summer ? I never imagined that. That thrash the american christmass
  11. Are all the students in summer vacation works ? how about london/EU and australian and asian students?
  12. here i go naramari nightfall.....hehe I know, people making stories.... but I can reach your mind and read it through......when you want it the most ....and when you are ready to go.....love come to you and that's the way it is. But it's palying the scene to make me believe what I don't want. Life is empty.... when you are not around.... life come to those who believe it like parkville ....hehe well......that's the way it is.
  13. Parkville and angel...hehe ..You both are great writers, poets and well being in real life as well. Life would be wonderful. No need to long for the tranparent love which Monica Parkville has. By looking at the standings, Parkville can defeat every obstacles and she is full of charisma....hehe... One upon a time, there was queen in the lostwar kingdom. Her beloved King was killed in the war and they were in loose loose situation. Out of the surprise, one day she found a man across the river , he was striving by hunger, she took him in a palace. Time passes, and he learned the art of war. He was a beautiful poet as well and then he beacame defeat the enemy on the next war. The conclusion of the story was, Day comes to everone....someday.
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