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  1. Happy belated birthday angel. We wish you heaven's luck in Cambridge. Well....sorry for the delay.... Well..... Monica Park is not well...well, sorry for the delay. well, I am sorry.
  2. Who's Park? 76468[/snapback] Monika Parkville
  3. That might be in your case. For some people they are same behind the curtain and front without hidious tendency. For park, she can fight alone to gain the truth.
  4. eh crazy say happy durga puja...christmass is ours,
  5. I don't mind. We all are human after all, whether white or brown. I support Moni Park 900%. She is a women in a mission, she won't care us.
  6. Being white, I might not be involved in yer community. Amazingly Monica is like nepalese after three masters she also has masters in banking and finance as a fourth, that's how she is a ANZ Bank Manager before she celebrate 24th birthday.
  7. I knew, you wouldn't listen us gave up !! hands cuffed
  8. Parkville, No!No!No!...............do no be scared......You are a professional banker .............d*** in terms of occasional are just the part of your talented amateurs. Lovin' Ya, Then. heck... leave in where are you heading now ? Come, I will help you personally, don't conceal with us and leave alone for the freak. I am soory.I wonder. Today I ate half a box of rumbeans. That also qualify me as drugs ! Rumbeans and cola, not a bad combination of sugar, chocolate, caffeine and alcohol. What are you worrying to have it ? You haven't broken the marriage and I would like to long for your solution. I know you have a very strong character. More than me. Kick negative but for forgettign you "doooomb". Only joking well , someone's reading this hahaha....
  9. As Monica parkville said, Ausaid might have currently hold off the scholarship for some countries. Now, Australian development scholarships (ads) provide opportunities for people from selected developing countries to study in australia. They have replaced most scholarships initially offered by AUSAID, sponsered by australian training assistance scholarships (astas) and australian development cooperation scholarships (adcos). Currently there are to categories of scholarship being provided Public Sector and Open Sector. Public Sector are being offered by government. Check out http://aei.dest.gov.au/Aei/Default.aspx You will find your ways to get scholarship.
  10. lol aigh southie , How are you? monica is not well, that's perhaps I am replying in her place. Bless ya.
  11. lol. Parkville girl, You aint deserve so much sorrow. Get him down under and we'll show him beautiful australia to let him never go.
  12. NO , Parkville citizen. If your country of citizenship is not listed in eligable country and you wish to consider other scholarship opportunities to study in australia information is available at http//aei.detya.gov.au/ However for the Ausaid information, There are various condition: Applicants who are offered a scholarship will be asked to sign an undertaking declaring that they will comply with the conditions of that scholarship. Partner countries may impose their own conditions on the scholarship. Conditions include --studying full time in Australis --restrictions on employment in Australi --complying with conditions set down by the institution --achieving satisfactory academic progress -- accepting that the scholarship may be withdrawn by the Australian Government --leaving Australia and returning to the home country on completion of the scholarship --repaying the total amount of the scholarship if conditions (f) or (g) are not adhered to
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