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  1. khoi yaar sabai jana ..sarai bhayao ..yo ta ....ek choti pheri sabai sathi(freinds) haru online aaunu paryao ..
  2. What ?? Desh ta banaune ho banaune ho bhanera sabai Nepali ko mukh mai cha bhanya, Indian le mukh ma pan khayera thukya jasto kuro bhaira ko cha , kati thuknu , aba ta bhayena hai serious nai huna paryo , aba aune hamro sasntati haru ko sawal cha yar Exactly .Let all be serious for Nation Developement .
  3. Thank you very much for your genuine information . Thats a excellent piece and bit of information for those who wish to study further in UK. Its indeed very informative to new and prospective students . Please feel free to take Help from WNSO-UK which is doing this work here in UK by supporting and providing a genuine information and counselling to students who have come here for study and who are still in nepal and thinking about joining British university and colleges. thanks indeed good and organised piece of information .
  4. sachin ji asti bhakar ko football match ko photo upload garnu n pls .
  5. hi bro ho ki sis , nepali chautari ma yaha lai hardik swagat cha
  6. मोहिनी सिस धन्यवाद ! mohan dai mero padai thikai cha .ani yaha ko kabita ta khub dami hunchha ..jes hos yaha lai dhanya ho dai
  7. Good poem . how are you . U in UK for study .
  8. Well said Mohini ji , thank you for good answer and now a days getting jobs at UK have become another somplex issue in the menu to the students . Anyway Happy Diwali to all freinds . Before coming to UK think of lots of option for eg in Germany you do not have to pay the fees for study and also other european countries . Exactly well said You need tution fees + accomodation+personal expenses so think before you act . Well i am not saying that you should not come to UK .Its all your interest and free to decide .
  9. Happy Dashain to Every Members WNSO Worldwide. Wishes, Sanjeeb
  10. If you are interested in ESDR rights then please check my bog http://www.sanjeebalisation.blogspot.com/ Best Wishes , Sanjeeb
  11. Its a great concern for all of us . The dioherrea claimed more than 150 lives . In this situation , from jajarkot districts farwestern districts how free are they from lives risks . Constitution of Nepal has guaranteed right to health as fundamental , what should the executive goverment doing right now .
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