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  1. http://musicnmovies.com/best_web_solution/...82c6a112a831203 Register to get the latest Hindi movies and watch Sony TV
  2. Thank you for sharing. Lets see more.
  3. Like someone said it depends on the situation. By the way here is something interesting for you all. http://www.geocities.com/pmcupdate/articles4.htm
  4. A young man concerned with self-image, self-indulgence and money.(Usually urban, heterosexual, probably affluent) or A young man who is seen, sociologically, as having attributes common to homosexuals, but is in fact heterosexual. why is fast food called junk food?
  5. Chandni agar chaand se hogi to sitaron ka kya hoga, Chandni agar chaand se hogi to sitaron ka kya hoga, Mohabbat agar ek se hogi to hazaron ka kya hoga.
  6. Ah I just remembered my business partner is in Houston on vacation and wasn't supposed to be heading back until the 26th. Hmmm, hope he's gonna be alright cuz he's got most of the source code on our current project.
  7. ohhhhhh very wrong tactic to make this post a controversy one. people kids are around lets all watch our language yes including me.
  8. SPOILERS! SPOILERS! BLAH BLAH BLAH! RANT Let's just suppose that everything in the book is true. Did any of the book's fans, believing the content to be true, stop to ponder the content? Okay, so we know that da Vinci was extremely intelligent and his puzzles were terribly clever, but to what end? What if he had devoted his mind to something useful instead of freaking cryptograms and other board game type material? The notion that the Catholic church would go to such great lengths to suppress the "grail" is just retarded. The age and authenticity of ancient documents can be scientifically verified, but the content cannot and is therefore easily descredited. If Jesus was married and was not the Messiah then what is the purpose for the Priory of Scion? Okay, so he is a descendant of King David. Why all the puzzles and killings and secret meetings and encrypted crap? The other thing that just kills me is the way he bills the ancient religion of goddess worship as some kind of superior religion. Also, people going to the temples to **** the priestesses were going to **** some hawt chicks, not to commemorate the sacred feminine. The ancients were soooooooo much greater than us modern cavemen. Don't we just wish we could go back to the good old days! /RANT OFF
  9. Hello Newa Pasapin Jwojolapa, Newa pasapin thana napa laye khana sikahe layta wola . Jhi fukka newa ta mile juya nepal bhasa mwaka taye maa.
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